FREEBIES: Little Bits and Pieces

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FREEBIES: Little Bits and Pieces

Check out my blog for free scrapbooking kits and doodads. I put up new stuff all the time!

Here's a kit to celebrate January birthdays!

Hi Tina,

Your kits are so BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE them. You design very well.

love that gemstone frame... will you be making those for each months birthstone? smiley

I love the frame. It's so beautiful.

Thanks for the freebies! I especially love the birds in snow white kit.

* * *

Thanks! Kind words are the best inspiration! ~Tina

Oh MY goodness I totally LOVE your designs.. WOW I love the frames. I am going to use this for my duaghters cheerleading pics they are her school colors. Thank you so much.

Thanks Michelle for those sweet words! ~ Tina

New kit! Little Bits and Pieces

but wait, there's more!

I love your work! It's very happy and cheerful! Thank you for the great freebies to play with.

Here are some basic papers I made this morning - bright and cheerful - just like you! You can download them at my blog Little Bits and Pieces

I love your designs

Tina, you are doing a fantastic work! Will totally use your b-day kit and your January kit too! When I do, I´ll send you the pages smiley

Tina, I really love your style!

This is where I would love to have a "like" button to click on all your comments - sweet words are so encouraging, thanks so much!

Tina -

I really like your designs - they are unique! I dl the birthday kit and one of you Birds in the Snow creations.

Thank you!

I just checked out your designs. Love them...I especially love the retro feel a lot of them have. My fave is the white birds in snow. Thanks so much for making them available.

Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks Tina,
Love your designs

Love the designs!
Thank you

Here's my latest. You can get it at Little Bits and Pieces

Your kits are so fun! I love the Eskimo one....sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing with us smiley

Love your designs. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing hun. Love your designs.

Here's my latest which you can find here

You can get my March kit at Little Bit and Pieces

Here's an Easter-bunny themed kit you can find at my blog, Little Bits and Pieces

Love those bunnies!

Here's a little kit I made which I am calling Flyin' High.

You can get this kit at my blog:

I'm a sucker for just about any cloud ... but the curl on the end of that one makes it super cute!

I love the note papers you are making smiley

Love the freebies!! Thanks for sharing!!!

If you would like to download this kit, you can find it at my blog,