Any christians here?

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Any christians here?

Hi guys, jus wanted to know...are there any christians here?

hi, Brenda, i am a Christian and if you are interested, i sometimes share my illustrations from my prayer journal in my blog smiley

Thanks! Do you know of any free christian wordart or bible verses online? I've been searching for those... smiley

Hi, I'm a Christian, too! has great free Christian word art, just browse the categories on the right and look under "Religion"!

i sometimes join a blog party Word Art Wednesday and they have a bible verse every week to use in projects.

@Maja that's a wonderful site! thanks!

Hi, Brenda. *waves* Count me in, too.

There's also a new blog train centered on Christian designs, Sairi Design's Triune Blog Train. It started in October, so it's relatively new.

Here's the link to the December train!

Hello guys! I'm a Christian as well. C:

I've got no links other than to my artwork for Him: Deviantart Gallery

Me too! And I've been scouring the web for some freebie nativity digital kits this month!

Actually my husband is a Pastor by calling, and currently "tent-making". My father is a completed Jew, and now a retired minister, my brother is a Pastor in Canada. My son has felt the Lord wanted him in ministry for several years now, and is praying to be able to go to seminary, working as Music Minister and with Youth, if not as a Pastor. Pray for my husband and kids. My husband as been helping fill the pulpit for a church that lost their pastor yr ago last Oct, but they were very, very small. Three families when we started last December. The church we are members at had several young men who feel called to ministry, so we were serving there every other week. But one of our young pastors who's been preaching there since this summer, on the weeks our family is back at our own church, has felt like they need to be there full-time, they own a Chick-Fil-A here in town and so they don't need an income from the church, and he has a LOT more time to minister through the week then we do, so My husband is stepping aside. Pray for my kids cause they have been leading worship for this church when we were there....they loved doing it, and it has helped them grow spiritual during a really hard desert spiritually speaking. My daughter goes to college in this town where the church is, and may continue to attend, but my son is only a Junior in HS and still needs to be worshiping with our family. But I know they all will miss the opportunity to serve by sharing their talents. Sorry for the book, but Sunday was our last official day there, and it's just bittersweet.

Hi Brenda! i'm a Christian too, though unfortunately i don't know of any special sites good for Bible verse freebies. i'm a compulsive blog train chugger and have therefore collected various pieces from many different places. Where you from by the way??? Singapore, judging by your surname?

Thanx for all the great links, everyone! And thanx Laura for sharing your story. smiley

Hey Brenda!

Me too! smiley

Hi Brenda me also! I just joined. I mostly just scrap my kids and what they are doing, so I'd love to see how you incorporate Bible verses into your layouts.

I am not a Christian but I just purchased from a really nice lady on Etsy great Project Life journal cards that will go with my color scheme. I noticed that she has on her website scripture scrapbook challenges and more. Her name is Robyn Samson and het website is

Hope this is useful to someone.

I am. smiley

Not free, but I've created a few Christian-themed kits at my stores.
I also taught two Scrapbooking Bible Studies at my church. One on the Fruit of the Spirit and one on 10 Things I Want My Child To Remember. LOVE how those books turned out! smiley

I am! I have designed several Bible based ATC's. There are several good sites out there. I will try and add them here tomorrow. This blog runs a year long scripture challenge with a hymn each month for inspiration. This is another good one for inspiration.

Not sure why I didn't notice this thread before... Signing in! smiley

I'm signing in too!

I don't know if you already found nativity kits - but I know someone mentioned it above. I found this one which is by far my favorite that I've seen. Plus it's free - which you can't beat! Christmas Blessing

brenda, I'm Christian too

I lost this thread for a while, but bookmarked it this evening...

I was looking for fonts so I could do a verse of my own, when I stumbled on Papercraft Memories site.

Here's a direct link to her free WORDart page. It was soooo long that I've not even gotten through scrolling down half-way. I just decided before I got side-tracked, I better post it here...after bookmarking it on my own

And I thought I'd link to a sample of one of the verses that stood out to me this evening. It's well worth a look ladies!

I am a Christian, as well. smiley

I am a Christian, too!

Hmm, I've got a few things I've designed I could upload. Will have to go work on some previews first. Lots of things to do and not enough time in the day! smiley Will probably start the upload after my Kitchen Series is done uploading.

Hi everyone,
I'm a Christian too. I'm also a fairly new digi scrapper. I've paper scrapped for a while but really wanted to try digital. I'm loving it so far. Although mainly I'm just doing pages for my kids and church. Thanks for all the great links. I will use a lot of them. smiley

I am loving seeing all of you Christ followers!!! I am too smiley I don't know about free, but Digital Scrapbook Place has some really nice scripture and Christian word art... I just love this site more and more!

I am Christian too.

I am also a Christian and a new development of my scrapbooking has been a cross between art journal and prayer journal, as well as family scrapbook pages. I have found many faith based freebies over the past couple of years. The Digi scrapping world does have some very generous Christian designers in it. I have particularly enjoyed a site called Divine Digital for Christian digi scrapping input, and a vibrant prayer community but this site is closing at the end of this month due to huge health challenges of the owner. I will try and remember to post any current links for Christian digi resources when I find something cool, freebies or to buy. Some sites do Christmas Carol Bloghops also, and these often include nativity as well as secular Christmas goodies. Will be watching this thread for sure


The FreeWordart site with the scriptures is wonderful. Thank you Laura for sharing.

Hi friends,
I'm new to these parts but I just wanted to let you know that I too am a Christian. I love being here and having a lot of Christians in which to share a digital scrapping journey. I can't wait to get to know each of you and see what kind of beautiful creations you share with us.
Have a great day.
smiley Heather

Some Christian themed assets are getting uploaded smiley
Look for Miracle

However, like a lot of the kits/assets here, this kit is great for any layout - not just Christian-themed.

Miracle looks great. Thanks so much


Cool! smiley smiley Have already started downloading...

I love Miracle and I have already down loaded it. Now I just need to use it! smiley

I am. Don't know if this is anything like you're looking for, but I really like it.