What is the best E-book reader?

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What is the best E-book reader?

Do you have an e-book reader? What is the best of them?

Well, I am a reading fanatic. But I can´t carry my phisical books anywhere now, as I can´t carry heavy wheights for long time because my ankle has a degeneration problem. Till a month ago, it was very hard to have a gadget that is only an e-book reader (and not a tablet) here in Brazil, you could only get it if you have a friend going abroad and buying it for you. However, both Kobo touch and Kindle are being sold here now smiley And, seems Santa will give me one of them, as I´ve been a good girl XD

But I don´t know anyone that has a Kobo, and I don´t know which of them is better... So, if some of you can share your experiences with an e-book reader, I´d be very pleased smiley

PS: I don´t want a smartphone or tablet, because I already have a laptop and a netbook - and I´m so scared to use them on the subway or bus and get them stealed, losing my desings and so. That´s why my mobile is a simple and old model and I want an e-book reader - it´s cheaper, easier to buy another one if something happens...

I use a Toshiba tablet and love it. It does a bit more than just read.

Everyone in our family has a kindle, although I'm not sure if that's because they are the best, or just the most common. In any case, everyone uses it all the time and we haven't had any problems with them.

I have to confess that as a life-long reader with limited access to books, every time I use the eReader I feel like I'm living in the future. Also, as a life-long lazy reader I love that I don't have to physically hold the book open.

I don't have one, but I've heard the Kindle Nook is nice... They have different ones, too - I like the look of the one with the backlight for nighttime reading.

Thanks for the imput! I am really excited about the idea of getting a Kindle, but, as I never heard about this Kodo one before, I deceided to post to see if someone has experience about this reader... If I really buy it (It isn´t even being sold) I´ll let you know smiley

I have an Acer tablet that I read all my books on. I even get ebooks where available for the courses I take. I just love it.

I have a Sony Reader that I love. Very intuitive, I think, and able to support a wide variety of formats. I have been thinking about doing the Nook Simple Touch, though, since I'd like an upgrade & it's a little more affordable than the current iteration of the Sony Reader. I have a friend who bought the Kobo. She really likes it, though I haven't checked in with her recently to see if she would still buy it again.

You guys talking about it makes me want to get one, too!

i have a barnes and noble nook. when i first saw these things, i kept saying i will never have one. theres just something about a book in your hand. however i finally gave in and got a used nook. i love that you can have lots of books in one place. I went to see my son graduate and my grandbaby this summer... and this saved me on the long trip across country

I have a nook reader as well. If that was an option I'd tell you to go with that one, but since it isn't. Get the Kindle it is a much better reader than the kobo. It has better battery life can support more file options the screen has less glare and so on and so forth smiley

I myself have a 10" Asus tablet... but I whole-heartedly agree with everything Tiffany said in her post... since a tablet is not an option for you. smiley Before I bought my tablet... I was deciding between a Kindle and a Nook. The new kindle Fire is really nice and they had some good prices here in the states for the holidays.

If you already have a iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop or desktop, you can download Amazon's kindle software for free to try it out.

It's great because I can always access my books while I'm traveling or out and about. (I'm a mom so have to kill a lot of time waiting in car line, at playgrounds, etc.) I read ebooks at home on my Macbook Air (love it!) and my iPhone when I'm out. I always have my phone with me, so it's one less thing to carry. The other nice thing is Amazon saves your furthest read point, so if I read a book on my Macbook and then open it later on my phone it knows where I stopped.

My hubby has an iPad and he prefers that, but I'm a keyboard girl so I prefer my Macbook. It's so sleek and lightweight compared to my old netbook.

Never knew it all about kindle smiley to you all!

Then, my choice is done! Kindle seems to be better and also is cheaper smiley Now I need to write the letter to Santa smiley

I have a Kindle and a Nook. Didn't like the Nook at all. Anyone want to buy a gently used Nook Color? smiley

I had a kindle and loved it - passed it to my husband as I can read on my IPAD, too. So I use my IPAD to read exclusively, now. I like the bigger screen, I guess. But the Kindle Fire is a favorite of my daughter.

i have a kobo and so does my mom and we both love them.

I have a Kindle and LOVE IT! It changed all my reading habits in a good way, and the tedious problem of how to store all the books is a part of my past!

I use my smart phone and I love it!!! I can literally read ANYWHERE now and it doesn't require anything extra and it's light. I just need to figure out how to get books lent to me so I don't spend all my money buying e-books!!!

i have an ipad but I use kindle app 90% of the time since Amazon has the cheapest rates on books. I dont have a kindle but would love to get the e-ink display so i can read while at the beach or park.

@Christy: If you visit a library, a lot of them have ebooks these days if you check out their website. That's how I get most of my books.

I have a nook color and I love everything about it EXCEPT I can't see it on the beach! that's the only downfall when I go on vacation I love reading and it's difficult to see, however, they did just make it to where you can rotate the screen and that works a little better if you are wearing sunglasses. My husband has a kindle (regular one) and it doesn't do anything fancy but he can definitely read it outside.

I bought my some the Nabi tablet but I can see I am already going to use it more than him. Just downloaded my first book.

I love my Kobo. One of the reasons I picked it was because I can use many different files types on it (not mobi files) so I don't have to worry too much about where I buy my ebooks. It also allows me to put my beading patterns on it in PDF format and carry them with me that way as an alternative to the paper ones.

I have a Kindle Fire, a Kindle keyboard (old), and a Nook tablet. And a basic android tablet. I absolutely LOVE my Kindle Fire, but if I wanted an all-in-one e-reader, I would probably go for a basic android tablet of some kind, because you can install the different apps from different companies on them. smiley

I don't have a tablet, but I do have an old kindle... I bought it about 3 or 4 years ago (pretty much just after they came out) It was super expensive at the time but the cost has gone down dramatically over the years as prices generally do after something is no longer new... I probably use my kindle every day and even though it's almost 4 years old the battery life is still great... my mom has the second generation kindle and she loves it too... the only complaint I have about the kindle is the cord to charge it or connect it to the computer... I've had to replace the cord 3 times now because the coating on the outside of the wire starts to break up and wires begin to show... not sure why this happens and I'm the only person I know of who's had this problem, but the cord is cheap and easy to replace... I love the fact that I can have over 1,000 books on the kindle at one time...

funny story... all my life anytime I go anywhere like on a trip to visit my grandparents or some other vacation type thing I would have at least three bags, one for my clothes, one for my books (and lets be honest sometimes it was more like two bags...lol.) and one for my music... so just after I got my kindle I had to go on some trip with my parents and I had one bag... they looked at me and then my bag and then cautiously asked where the rest of my bags were... between my iPod and my Kindle I had over 1,000 books and probably twenty days worth of music in my pocket and my hand and all I needed was one bag with clothes...

I'm actually in the process of replacing most of my paper books with eBooks so I can save space... I live in a studio apartment so I don't have room for the literally thousands of books I have in storage... so that's my project for this year... replace the paper books with eBooks and save space... anyhow... I strongly recommend the kindle brand... I have not had any problems whatsoever other than the cord which as I said is easily replaceable... and the kindle itself has stood up to daily use for almost four years and it still works just as good as it did when I first got it... Though I will admit I want to upgrade to a newer model though I am unsure if I want a kindle fire or just the improved (slightly lighter weight and slightly bigger screen plus wi-fi) normal kindle.

I know a couple people who also had problems with the Kindle cord, but if you call Amazon, they'll send you one for free.

I love my Kindle, all 3 of us actually have them here. It helps conserve space when you don't have that much storage space for all those books!

good to know... thanks for the information... the next time I need a new cord I'll have to try calling them.

I have an iPad and I use the Kindle App on that. The best part is that I borrow books from our library and read them through the Kindle!!
This Christmas, I asked for the Lifeline (? Lifetouch? some brand like that) iPad CASE that is totally waterproof. So I can read in the bathtub or on the beach (when we go on vacation) and not have to worry about dropping my iPad in water or getting sand in it/on it. The case totally seals the iPad in and is good to up to 6 feet of water ... not that I plan to read at the bottom of a swimming pool, though!!

Girls, you´re helping me a lot with this feedback. I still cant buy my e-book reader, first because I was waiting to Amazon (that just installed here in Brazil) to define how can Brazilian users buy e-books from the american website, and now seems I´ll need to postpone a bit more because my husband is getting out of his job. I hope he found another one fast, then I buy it... Let´s see...

I have a Kobo and love it! However, the downside to Kobo is that it's just not as easy to get books that you check out from the library or get for free onto the Kobo. If I did it over again, I would get a Kindle because now you can get library books through Kindle and it will automatically go to your Kindle. So easy!