QC help, please!

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QC help, please!

I know there's a sticky, and I posted there, but the waiting is killing me for someone to be of help! lol I created some solid/polka dots paper and would love for someone to check them out. I'm waiting to begin trying some of the blog trains since I have a blog now. But, I don't want to offer up anything until it gets looked at by a pro.

Please contact me and I'll give you a link to my dropbox. Do you need all the papers or would just one solid paper and one polka dot paper do?

Thanks in advance ...


Shoot, I was really hoping for a little help here. But, I'm trying to do my own QC'ing and haven't seen any blurring or stray pixels, so we'll see how it goes.

Weird, very weird. I´m sure I posted you a message here.

Anyway, what I have asked was: Did you texture both the solid and the polka dot papers? If so, you need to send them all to QC, to see if textue is looking evenly through the colors in all PD papers and if the texture doesn´t have spots that are visible only in some of the colors in the solid papers.

I don´t have time to help you till Sunday, but if anyone else helps by Monday morning, just send me the papers. You have my e-mail smiley

It must have gotten lost in the cosmos! smiley Thank you for offering to check them out. I did them all using the same overlays and procedure. I'm discovering I like to have papers, both solids and prints, that match in texture. Since all I did was change up the colors, I think checking out one solid and one polka dotted one should be fine. I'll email you the links to everything, though, in case you want to investigate further. smiley

Thanks so much, Lorien!


I just messaged you my contact info. . .

Thank you, Stef, I'll send you the links as well.