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Today it's 12-12-'12!
Any special things happening in your environment?
I just read in the paper a boy here in a town nearby is getten 12 years old today! smiley
I live next to our townhall and I bet I see a few weddings today!

Just a regular day here, I heard about a kid that turns 12 at 12:12! Hopefully we will have a chance to play in the snow!

At exacty 12:12 a dog appeared here willing for a shower! A female bulldog that´s really cute!

Not a thing here.

In my town a baby was born today at 12:12pm EST smiley He was soooo cute... no one I know it was just on the news after lunch.

Oh yeah... and i got sick, but it was at 3:30 not 12:12 :-p still feel a little yuck

wauw Shawna, that is special about that baby!

Here's the video link on the news channel. And here's a picture of him:

Well I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin and of course being a Packer fan runs in my blood. Wisconsin announced that it would be officially "Aaron Rodgers Day" around our state after Packer's quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. So.....my son dressed for the day in his #12 jersey as well as my husband and I and we took a family picture 12 - 12 - 12, and used it on our Christmas card too!

I got a blurry picture of myself in my classroom at 12:12:12 p.m.
I had my students write 12 things they were thankful for on 12-12-12

@Demetria: That was such a GREAT idea for your students!!!!