Project 365/52?

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Project 365/52?

Is anyone planning to join a Project 365 or Project 52?

One of my good intentions is to create a page/layout weekly in a Project 52 we are going to have at an other forum. That way I can print a complete album from the whole year from my children, pets and family life smiley

That sounds like a great idea. I hadn't thought about it because my boys won't let me take pictures of them anymore, they think they are too "grown up" for a scrapbook. Boys.... It would be kinda neat to do a recap of my week on a page, then at the end of the year I could go back and see everything I've done throughout the year. I guess my photo's don't have to be human subjects right? I can take a picture of my coffee from Starbucks or whatever....sounds like a plan to me. I'm in smiley

***did you like how I just kinda talked myself right into this, hehe.

I actually do plan on doing that for photographs and for digital scrap booking for my blog. A picture a day, then combining those pictures into a weekly layout and posting those weekly on here and my blog!

Nice peptalk, Tina smiley

I always admire people that can start and finish projects like these. Maybe someday... I tried to do a picture a day this past year, but after ten days I was fed up... Right now, I like experimenting with different scrap-styles too much to stick to a 'project' be it 365/52 or 12 (once a month, hmmmm, that does sound feasible). I would like the general feel of all those layouts to be the same. How about you guys?

LOL You can talk great to yourself Tina smiley But I like your's just what you were busy with that week. It can be your household, the paintjob of your livingroom, your pets, your children...
I love the idea of getting it all printed out and bundle it in a nice photobook, to see the year in one book. BUT I know myself and like Melouise says...I always start over very enthousiastic, but I have keep on doing it. That's why I love the idea to share the layouts/pages with other people that also are doing a project, it keeps you motivated (I hope) to see other people's work.

I'm on year 3 of Project Life/P365 and I love it! I'm totally behind (just getting PL2011 ready to send to the printers, ha) but it's what got me into digital scrapbooking (& scrapbooking, period) and that's the direction my creative inspiration tends to flow. I did 2010 using the physical album made by Becky Higgins, who started Project Life. Now they call it the cherry kit, but at the time there was only the one option. I liked it, and I liked the ease and coordination, but it was a bit too flowery for my personal style.

In early 2011, my photo printer died, and though I kept taking photographs and writing notes every day for the whole year, I was no longer printing them and putting them into an album, I just put them on ShutterCal. At some point early in 2012 I discovered digital Project Life and got the templates, but not a kit. I ended up making my own journal cards, elements, etc., with a photography theme, and have spent the better part of 2012 putting that book together with my 2011 photos and journaling. Along the way I've become obsessed with collecting digital scrapbooking freebies and as I've learned new techniques and ideas I've started making more creative, unique PL layouts with my 2012 photos.

I'm debating about whether to go back to the physical album for 2013 - it's a lot simpler, which is the whole point of Project Life, though some P365s get super fancy! - or to make myself a keep-it-simple workflow for doing it digitally. Either way I want to try to make my mantra for 2013's PL be simplicity.

I highly encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try, and maybe we can even get a group or a buddy system going. Two technological innovations thing that have been super helpful are the Project 365 app and Oh Life. I take all my PL pics on my iPhone and then just drop them into the app, and Oh Life is a very simple way to record what happened each day and have a record of it. Very useful for remembering what the heck was going on when I am a year behind smiley

@Tina - I don't know if this would work with your kids, but a lot of the PLers whose blogs I read either have their kids take photos themselves with their phones while they're out and about and then add those, or grab stuff from their facebook page, etc. Has a little more of a modern and cool appeal than Mom's scrapbook, maybe? Also I don't have kids and I'm not married, and there is still plenty to photograph every day; I've also gotten pretty brave about asking strangers to take my picture (my optometrist took an out-of-focus picture of me the other day - how's that for irony?). I'm excited that you're in!

Once I learn more I might try it... but not this coming year. Sounds like a great idea though!

Tina, my son was that way, but I did not let it stop me. I would just take the camera out and catch them off guard and snap. Sometimes they are the best pictures. I also pointed out to him that if he does not want bad pictures of him than just let me take the picture. Not a problem now.

I don't know how much interest there is in a yearly type project, but we could start a special forum for it, if someone wanted to moderate it. I'm somewhat interested myself, but I know that realistically I probably have a bit much going on for a project like this...

I've always wanted to try a Project Life sort of project! I have 5 kids, 2 cats, a dog, and a hubby (and my sister lives with us too) so I definitely have lots to photograph but that's where my problem is! How do I pick one photo a day and because only my youngest is home during the day how do I not end up with mostly pics of him? Oh and did I mention I am the most unorganized person ever! Anyways, I would be willing to give it a try - I think having a group on here would be a great way to stay motivated and help each other.

Wow, If we are having a project like this in PS im in! Because this forum is really encouraging and inspiring to me... Alone I´m sure I can´t do it... I tried this year and... well, I still need to scrap the February things... *shame*

@Marisa; I am hosting the project at my own forum, so I can moderate it over here to?

I am going to post a weekly thread over there where we all can show our layouts and make comments and give tips to eachother, we can do something like that also over here?

It would be cool if there were templates for 7 photos (similar to the We R Memories) to use.

This might help us to accomplish the goal a little easier. Also, maybe a PL kit could be made to be purchased here???
We could even make it where people that were doing paper scrapping 365/52 projects could participate by scanning and share their layouts too. Helping everyone to be encouraged along the way. Just some ideas to throw around

I'm thinking that what we might do to start out is have a monthly challenge, focused on available templates, to get people making a monthly review type of page. Then, if some of us can keep up with that and want to move on to something more involved, we can work that out.

sounds great Marisa... i'm assuming you mean like where we would put 30-31 photos on a layout or spread? So more of a 365/12? smiley

I think I'll try and leave it pretty open so people can do a project that works for them, whether they have a photo everyday, or just a few to remember the month by.

My goal for the new year is to really try to get caught up or at least make some serious headway in my scrapbooks this year. So while I'm not going to specifically do a 365/52 project, I really like the quick style of it all - drop some pictures, a journaling card or two and done. I'd love to see what you all do with your layouts and be inspired.

Whee! I just finally got my Project Life for 2011 sent off to the photobook printer! I am so so excited! I've been working on it for almost a year (well, 2 years if you count the year of taking pictures :p). The reason it took so long is that I've been learning from the ground up - I made my own journal cards and elements and stuff for it, and I didn't know anything about digital scrapbooking when I started, much less prepping layouts for print, and choosing a company to have it printed through. These last few days have been a big push at the end to get it ready, which was kind of a drag, but now I'm so glad it's done! I can't wait to see it. This will be my first PL book that I've done digitally and had printed and bound. It's going to be so much smaller & lighter than my giant binder for 2010! It looks pretty ugly to me now, since I was such a beginner, but I decided as I was prepping all the pages for printing that I was going to leave them alone and let them be a testament to my early days of learning how to design. If I started redoing everything, I'd never get to 2012...

That's all, just excited & wanted to share with you guys!

Tina - have you heard of the "Mom Stays in the Picture" challenge?

I was going through my photos for the 2012 Challenge when I realized that I don't have many pictures of me and the least not one for each month. That might be my challenge for 2013: to take a picture of the both of us at least once a month (and hopefully more often).

Jody, I really liked this article, thanks for sharing...

I´m not a mother yet, but I do miss to know the pictures and the life of my own mother... and how she resists on talk about personal feelings even now that my brother and I are grown-ups...

I just made my first freebie, so people can use it for the first layout(s) of their project, feel free to get it here

It's a little set with wordarts for the New Year smiley

Thanks Wilma, I am downloading them right now smiley

I have done a p365 2 years in a row. This year is my 3rd year. I use an app called project 365pro on my iphone. I like the program because i can use my iphone to take my pic, and journal right underneath the photo. I can also upload a dslr photo using dropbox to my phone if i would like. I am going to be printing out my photos and journaling. I just have not decided how to do it yet.

Marisa posted the first January Challenge for everyone doing a 365/12/52 project. Be sure to join in! I'm looking forward to seeing all your layouts!

I have installed My365 for android phones which looks like it will give me a reminder each day to take a photo

I, too downloaded the free iphone app... but I've already missed a day smiley

I'm doing a 365 project and it's just for photography. Called CaptureYour365.