Who's Getting Snow?

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It was rainy, windy and sometimes very sunny.
So sadly... a very green Christmas over here smiley

From lovely town called Cornwall Ontario Canada...and we got dumped on last night ...through the night, at the present time it is still falling..
We now have about 40+cm of that white stuff...anyone want to clean my drive way?????

We are asked by the OPP's to stay off the roads if possible...there is cars and trucks in the ditch along the 401...the cars will remain there until the weather conditions change...

Welcome to Canada..

We've been getting a bit of snow over the last 5 days - last night I think we got about 6 inches. smiley

on christmas night we had a BIG storm system come in... it was freezing but for some reason it dumped a ton of snow on everyone except us... no snow smiley

I am from Dallas, Texas, and we actually got snow that STUCK on the ground and roofs ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! And we still have some on the ground. Woo-hoo! I'm from Michigan, and I desperately miss the winter snow and those still, lovely star-filled nights. My Dad is a Park Ranger and lives in upper Michigan on a hill, with a spring-fed pond below. There, you can hear the wild-life making sounds all night. He says the snow acts like an acoustic blanket and and their sounds echo and are amplified by it. Where he is, close to Lansing, they got 4 inches of snow a few days before Christmas.

No snow in California unless you go to the mountains. Love, love, love Shelly's photo-wish I could have that outside but without the cold!

We've just had COLD and yucky dreary RAIN for the better part of 3 days straight here in NOT SO SUNNY SC now... "Rain Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day" I'm jealous smiley

Got 6 more inches the other day (finally had to use the snowblower) & it snowed a little big more today. Loving it! Now my youngest will go outside to play (build an igloo or snowman or go sledding). I'd rather he do that then play on the Wii all Christmas break. smiley

We're getting snow right now here in Ontario Canada. Happy New Year everyone.

We have snow in the forecast! We'll see if it comes true or not! But in the mean time better make sure the space heaters are ready to go and that we've got enough hot chocolate!

@Marisa: Neat - hope you get some! smiley Do you ever get snow over there? (just curious) I always thought that area was always hot...

I'm in New York, and we've had TONS of snow. It's pretty, but what a pain when you have to go out and remove all that snow from your car!