Electronic Flash......Please Help Me!!

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Electronic Flash......Please Help Me!!

I received an Sunpak brand electronic flash for Christmas (Sunpak DigiFlash 3000) and I need help.

I currently am using a Canon Rebel T1i.
The flash packaging says it is fully compatible for Canon DSLR cameras and I have inserted 4 brand new AA batteries.
I have attached it to my camera, turned on the unit as well and....waited. There is a "Ready Light" on the backside but it never showed ready. Pressing the Test Button I have gotten a quick flash but when pressing my camera's Shutter, I do not get a flash at all. The flash has an Auto Focus Assist Beam that does light up but, like I said, no flash.

I have never owned or used a flash before so I don't know if it is me or the flash that is "defective". And being that it is a pretty cheap flash as the pricing goes, but still it was a Christmas gift and I would like to use it.
Of course there are NO troubleshooting instructions so I am hoping someone could help me.

Thanks in advance.
Heather K

I had to read the manual that came with my Speedlight about six times before I could figure out how to make it work - it's just not intuitive (to me). And if I haven't used it for awhile, I have to re-read it. I find external flashes confusing and tend to try to avoid using them. If you don't get help here, I'd cruise the Canon forums because probably someone else has had the same issue! Sorry for your frustration. smiley