Ability to request an asset or template? [needs more votes]

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Ability to request an asset or template? [needs more votes]

I'm curious if this is an option?
For example I was looking through the cameras and wanted just a template or overlay type doodle camera or cameras similar to the one in the camera & stars asset. I don't see one so I wondered if we could let you (or the other designers soon to come) know what we'd like to have if at all possible?

That would be nice - if (as you said) at all possible.


@Marisa: I have another asset/template request. smiley
Is there a template or overlay to download that has the painted border effect used on this paper so we could make our own use other background pattern papers?

If more people are interested in this, we could maybe make a new forum for requesting assets / templates.

I loved this idea... Great suggestion Shawna!!! I thought something like that some day ago and now you did it. Thanks!

I am interested! I am looking for paper in teal/aquamarine and red. I prefer small prints. smiley

This would be great! I was actually looking through today for some Cancer Awareness type items (I do a lot for Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society as a volunteer) and would have loved to see some awareness ribbons, but sadly didn't see any. To be able to request items would be great!!!!!!

I think an ISO category would be awesome!

Do you have a template for various types of animal prints?

I love this idea. I run across this problem so often, and it would be wonderful to be able to request these items!

YEP! I'm putting in my vote! smiley