A few things to sort out first

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A few things to sort out first

I want to get some challenges started in here, but I want to sort a few things out first (good time to get access to the gallery if you haven't already). Take a look at the rules, and tell me what you think. Also, what's a reasonable time frame for a challenge? 1 week, 2 weeks, a month? Anything else I didn't think of?

I think a weekly challenge would be great, especially if its just a max of one layout submission. Maybe we can have it centered on a theme or something? Like a color, design, journal topic, etc?

What about a time frame for voting (or hearting in this case)? Should there be a voting time (and if so how long) after layout submission is closed? Or should people just try and get their layouts up early so there's time for people to heart them?

you can start by proposing a challenging week and if there are too few entries then you increase the time

I think a weekly challenge would be good. You could give everyone a week to post a LO, then another week for voting...but in that voting week there would be a new challenge...that way there won't be any down time and everyone waiting to start again. Does that make sense? I know what I'm trying to say, just not sure it's coming out right smiley

I understand what you're saying Tina. I'm thinking about running the challenge Thursday-Wednesday. Is that weird? Assuming most people do their scrapping on the weekend, this gives you a day or two to think about it. However, maybe people don't do their scrapping on the weekend?

Personnaly I only scrap on the weekend

Weekly is fine as long as there aren't multiple challenges for that week. One different one each week would be good. I don't like voting or rating as newbies or those that are not well known don't seem to get many votes even if their layout is awesome. If there is a prize, random selection is better and fairer.
Challenge options that make us use different methods are really educational and improve our scrapping techniques. For example, making papers by blending in elements at a lower opacity.

I was also considering whether or not to vote on the layouts, I certainly don't want to discourage anyone. But I was hoping that the hearts system would encourage people to vote for their favorite, and also vote for a few that were most improved, or best effort, or whatever you think, since you aren't limited to one vote (so hopefully everyone will get some votes). Also, the main prize will be drawn randomly, so the voting is just like a consolation prize. What do people think? We can always change the rules if things aren't going well.

I think it’s a wonderful idea to have a weekly challenge based on a certain subject (in the photo’s as well as the lay-out), or scrapbooking-technique. And I guess a week afterwards is indeed necessary for the voting. I also like the fact that you will handout download credits to a participant at random next to the one with the most hearts, since it’s often a matter of taste too. I’m already looking forward to the first challenge!

I too, like the idea of one challenge a week... and the voting (hearts) for all the layouts you like... because maybe you really like one for one reason and another for something else. I know I for one would be encouraged by seeing a bunch of hearts on a layout I did if I wasn't sure about how it turned out myself... I say give it ago and tweak it as you learn what's working and what's not. smiley

Once a week is enough for me, maybe even once every two weeks. Since I don't scrap on weekends, I will probably always upload layouts late... late for 'collecting' hearts. I like the heart system, having people heart and comment your layouts is a great way to gain confidence and put a smile on your whole day! But handing out credits as a prize maybe inspires people to start 'collecting' hearts instead of giving them... so I would go with a random prizewinner, and /or give-away credits to everyone for entering, and not for collecting a lot of hearts - that should be a reward on itself, shouldn't it?

Weekly challenges are great, but you may want to consider a monthly one also. This way if someone finds it hard to do a weekly challenge they can still have fun with a monthly one.

I am not a scrapper, but I love designing card,collage,timeline layouts. Could I take a crack at it as well? I would have to do a 12x12 layout correct?

I like the idea of a weekly challenge. I'm undecided about using the hearts for gaining a prize/points.

@Katie: I'm sure you could do what ever size you wanted. I know some people scrap digital in 8 1/2" x 11" because they can print it right from their computer. Others use 6x6 or 8x8 so it's cheaper to print online or in their hometown. For example you could do an 8x8 layout, flatten it to jpg once you were done. Then create an 8x10 template, put your 8x8 at the top and put a couple 2 x 3.5 photos at the bottom for your wallet and only pay $1.29 to have it printed at walmart. The options are endless... I think that's why people love digital scrapbooking so much. SOme people don't even print, they creat slideshows for their family or CD's with all their layouts, and on and on. smiley

@Katie: I don't think the size should matter, assuming you can still follow whatever the idea for the challenge is.

Voting on layouts........I'm thinking that it is important to ensure everyone feels equally valued, so instead of counting the number of collected hearts, I am with Melouise on this one. I would like to see random selections on a challenge, for credits. And perhaps an additional one credit to everyone that uploads to a challenge......So skill levels aren't a part of the mix.


oh... LoL -- sorry Marisa: I didn't realize she was asking specific to the challenges... hee, hee (crawling back in my hole of embarrassment now) I will read more closely next time... promise maw! smiley

@Sunny: GREAT ideas!!! I love the reasoning to eliminate "skill" set as a factor in the "winning" a prize stage of the challenges, that way it puts us all on an equal playing field and will build camaraderie! good thoughts smiley

I like the challenge time frame. Maybe also in the newsletter remind people to vote and post the winners of challenges to get more people excited and in the gallery, forum, and such!

I think for themes here are a few ideas: Monochromatic, to design your own kit and make a layout, word play, days of the week, shapes, layout with NO pictures.. i could go on and on! smiley

@MelissaKay: Be sure to leave some ideas in the ideas thread!

Marisa - Just expressing a personal preference regarding time frames for challenges..... I like a weekly challenge, for those of us that are regular scrappers. You can also run a concurrent monthly challenge for those that prefer more time. Personally, I like to be challenged on a more frequent basis - guess I like the pressure (crossing my eyes, here.....) any longer, and I get distracted with other things - like a black bird and shiny objects, I guess!

i really like faith's idea of picking winners at random! i don't really enter contests so i guess that should be considered in regards to my response. i do love looking at entries though because i learn a lot and it helps with getting new ideas. a reason for picking at random is that people can get hurt feeling, even by accident, and a down side of the internet is that anyone can post their opinion immediately without needing to wait or think through what they are saying. this is a VERY positive site and it might make it easier to keep it that way. site monitoring can be boring and discouraging work and this might eliminate some of that work. just an idea....

If there is only one challenge a week that is not bad but if there are several that may be kind of hard. I am not partial to a voting system. I am relatively new to digi scrapping and still have a lot to learn but in a couple of "contests" that I participated in where there were prizes it seemed to go to the more seasoned scrappers. I like getting comments because that makes me feel like I did something right. I would vote for the random selection rewards. Even if I didn't "win" I would feel I would have just as much chance as anyone else, and who knows I might just get something!

I would be happy if we are not limited to square layouts. I personally like 20*30 very much, too.

@Bettina: You can do any size you want.

I like lots of challenges but sometimes it is nice to have a few options to choose from.