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daily credits

Hi Bought the $20 worth of credits but now I don't receive the Daily 5 credits? Thnx

You should still receive your free daily credits every day. Though since we have just given you 50 extra free dc because of this, you will need to spend those free dc first smiley

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Hi! On december 14th, I "bought" credits for $10 by PayPal. It's on my last credit card bill so it "worked"... I spent my first "subscription credits" and waited a few days, thinking that it would finally "update" but it never happened, my DC were still at 0 (no free daily credits, no paid credits). Now I received 50 extra free DC, plus 25 free DC for Xmas, but no sign of the 100 DC I paid on december 14th...

@Amélie: very sorry that you didn't receive the credits automatically like you should have. I've gone ahead and granted you the credits, plus 25 extra to make up for the mistake. Thank you for your patience!