Is it just me? ^^

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Is it just me? ^^

Or are you guyes findning yourself watching this site many times a day and get stuck in all the inspiration so the time flyes by and you don't get anything done? smiley

No, you are not alone, don´t worry. Sometimes I just keep browsing on the forums, or layouts on the gallery!

I bet it´s not happening only with Jessica and I! Who else has something on this issue to report?


I look for stuff to download to use and then forget to actual make pages

Yes, yes and yes!

It does kinda have that Pinterest effect... you guys are so wonderful and I love the spirit behind the creation of the site! I came here for the 30 Days of Christmas and found myself wanting to stick around... smiley

I totally agree. It is inspiration by the boatload! One find leads to the next and before you know it your eyes are blurry and it is time to get back to reality!

Guilty... It's become worse and worse: my scrap-a-layout-a-week goal is jeopardy because of this site! (And I am so NOT mad at pixelscrapper for not achieving my goal... smiley)

I keep trying to prioritize which kit i want to download next, but she keeps adding new stuff (which shouldn't be a bad thing I know), but I am one of the worst decision makers ever, and Marisa is making my decisions even harder by adding even more awesome kits.

Hi Melissa, I really know how you feel!

By the way, forgive me if I´m doing a mess, but I don´t remember your presentation. If you haven´t done it yet, pease take a look on our Forum guidelines.

There are times I get lost, I love all there is to get here and to read the different posts.

yep i get stuck here too, my emails are piling up but like everything i figure i'll get to it after i finishing checking out what's happening here. love looking at all the layouts that get uploaded, so much amazing talent i keep getting jealous & then i think hmmm maybe i should go do a layout....later...... smiley

Oh, it's definitely not just you. Lots of us popping in here from time to time when we should be working. LOL

im in here a million times a day LOL, no, really, i counted smiley . i have no life though and am always looking for new posts lol

Oh, I am like that too....checking in here a million times a day (@Shelly - I counted too smiley ) Seriously though, there is so much inspiration here and Marisa and Brooke keep uploading gorgeous new things all the time!!

smiley smiley smiley

I must say I agree...;) hee hee...sometimes I feel kinda guilty...

It's definitely a daily habit! smiley


I always find stuff and then after searching for hours and getting a lot of resources I'm tired and say I'll start tomorrow. XD

I'm totally new in digiscrapping, but once I tried to deal with the kits, papers, photos....I just can't stop. I sat in front of the computer for hours (thanks God it's holiday!!), and I wouldn't stop until I realized that it's already late at nite and I needed to sleep smiley . Next day, i started very early in the morning to browse and do the compositing things -all day long-!

These are my works that I finished in last three hours

story of us by rahina.nugrahani, on Flickr

hari ibu by rahina.nugrahani, on Flickr

Looking back that I'm still not good enough in digiscrapping encourage me more to do some more works...
I just can't stop....But I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one!

You're doing a fine job, Nina - keep it up! smiley smiley smiley

@Nina: your first layouts in 3 hours are better than some of my layouts were 3 months in. smiley Keep up the awesome work!

I have to admit it has happened to me. But I'm not complaining. I have so much to learn! And what a fun way to learn it.

@Nina: I love your pages, keep up the great work!!

Thanks @Lizanne @Shawna and @Jessica

@Nina those are great pages! Keep on going, I found them awesome, could never imagined they came from a beginner if you haven´t told so...

Yay! I am not alone!

My husband always says "your not going to sit there all day AGAIN are you?" He always tries to find something else for me to do to keep me away from the computer!

Looking back through all the comments in regards to the original question, it has made me realise I am not alone in my obsession!!

@Amy: It's an addiciton!!! There's a 12 step program somewhere, I'm sure... Not that any of us would ever get past the FIRST step! LoL smiley

Thank you @Lorien smiley
@ Nancy : Perharps one day my husband will do the same thing smiley
@ Shawna : LoL smiley