activities in welcoming the new year celebration?

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activities in welcoming the new year celebration?

New Year will come soon.
I am currently busy making New Year greeting cards for my friends.

and on the evening of december 31, I would get together with my family to celebrate the new year. we will eat together with the Indonesian food such as 'Nasi goreng', 'rendang' and 'Es cendol'.
hemh ....It's so delicious.

how about you? what your activities in welcoming the new year celebration?

Yum, I wish we were eating Nasi Goreng, one of my favorites!

I think we are having a pretty relaxed New Year's this time around. My brother-in-law is actually leaving to fly back to school that night, so I think that will probably interrupt our festivities somewhat. We usually just hang out and watch movies, one of our favorites being Attack the Block.

@Marisa: I don´t know if this movie was released on Brazil! If it did, its name is very different. So I´ll need my husband to find out. A Shawn of the dead like with aliens seems really great fun!

Well, I celebrate New Year for a long time. For me, the year is new from November to June - then its old :p

My hubbys religious new year is on Halloween, then we have Jan 1st, hubby personal new year (aka Birthday), chinese New Year, Astrological New Year, and my own personal new year at June.

For the new year we´re passing these days, I have some things I´ve been doing every year. The first one is to go early in the morning on Dec 31st to the oriental district of my town to attend the Moti Tsuki Matsuri. It´s a festival where we get motis (a japanese thing made with smashed rice - sorry, its difficult for me to explain in english) to be eaten like the first meal of the year, and a talisman from the xintoist temple for having good luck in the next year. There use to be a very long line of people wating their turns to get their moti and saluting the Xintoist altar, to thanks the kami for the previous year. Then, we use to eat obento for the lunch, and walk through the neigborhood looking for geek cool stuff and chatting with our friends, which also go there yearly. I don´t know how it will be like this year, because the weather is rainy and the Sao Silvestre International Road Race will be in the morning, and this route is close to the oriental district.

When we started this tradition, we were all single young people, so we used to go to someones house and be there till the other year´s first morning. But now, that all are married (last friend married this year) and need to take care of kids/pets/etc, each will go, usually, to its own house. I don´t like to stay away from home at new year´s eve anymore, because there are too much fireworks, and my cats are affraid of them. Two years ago my oldest cat had a deep hurt in her leg on new year´s eve and we were on other town! We´ve only seen it on the Jan 1st evening, and found a vet ony on the 3rd morning! poor Messy smiley So we are going to celebrate with my parents, as we are neighbors.

Then, on January the 3rd we do join the Tolkien toast, which is held on his birthday every year by its fans. In my town there are two toasts, the one I attend is on a lunchs house on downtown. Last year we went to a pub after that, but this year we are not planning to do so. Here´s a scrap about last years toast:

I hope you all have wonderful celebrations!

I used to do more before I got married/had kids - like go out to New Year celebrations w/fireworks and all (like "First Night" in Burlington, VT for example) - but now we tend to be homebodies... Usually we stay at home and play board games, watch New Year-related movies like "It's a Wonderful Life," and eat finger foods. Maybe a half hour before midnight we'll switch over to the tv & await the ball dropping in Times Square (in NY) and toast with sparkling cider... After that we attempt to get the kids to bed. smiley Not too glamorous, I know, but until the kids are older & have left the coop (so to speak) that will probably remain our routine... smiley

we are at my husbands parents for the second part of our holiday break before we have to go back to work. we will be here for new years. we always make all sorts of snacks, watch the ball drop in time square of tv and shoot fireworks. we throw in a little beer and wine too! smiley

@Lizanne I think you celebration is PERFECT for anyone! We used to do that with my sister's family many years ago but then they grew up. So now my husband and I just try to stay awake until the stroke of midnight! Might not be bad this year because since we both retired (31 December 2011) we tend to stay up into the early morn so we will probably see it this year!

Happy New Year to all!