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I just wanted to take the chance to thank both you Marisa and your husband Jordan:)
Your work is amazing with both the forum, site and ofc all the templates and stuff smiley
Thank you a million times for sharing your creations smiley

And thanx for sharing your tips and teqnics (spelling smiley) with us as well smiley

I agree with Jessica! This site is amazing and it will be interesting to see what all is to come!

Ditto! I love your work Marisa - thank you for sharing your talent with us! Jordan, thank you too for responding to my email and helping me figure out my download problem!

Agreed!!! I can't believe a site like this exists... how generous! I'm starting to like the point system... it makes me come back to the site and "socialize" more! lol! Thanks for everything guys!

Thanks everyone! It's so fun to have you here. It's like we're hanging out at my house.

I agree, the site is awesome. THANK YOU!

I have to agree. I'm loving the new site.

I also love this site, and want to thank for the awsome downloads.
Your work is awsome hun.

I also love this site! Thank you!

A great big HUGE thank you! What a valuable resource for personal and small business use. You are super talented and generous with your time and efforts to make this available to all of us. Thank you!

I totally agree. Thank you so much for all the beautiful things you make. And all the time and love you put in the site, (also for your husband)


I wanna say Thank you, too! You were so creative with this points system, what a great idea! I already loved the old site, but this now is really amazing. Is donating already possible again? I couldn't find it yet.

Old site?!…Where have I been! I recently stumbled across this site after failing to successfully make my own masking templates in photoshop. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and work with all of us! I greatly appreciate it!

Thanks everyone. I'm really glad everyone is liking the new site. It's always a bit of a risk changing things up.

@Bettina: Donations are coming!

Thank you so much for this amazing site - one of my all time favs! Thank you for sharing your blessed talent with us ladies smiley

I agree...thank you so much for sharing your work with us so generously!

I have always loved visiting Pixel Scrapper, but the new site is AMAZING! Not only do we get great material to work with, we also get a new extended family. I really feel at home here with all of you!

The only thing missing is a Coffee Corner where we all could meet to chat and have a cup together (with cake of course).


A Coffee Corner.... ooh, that sounds nice, Trine.

I'm in full support of adding cake, although I'm a tea drinker myself.

Super job, love the new site. Know once i get used to it, will spend tons of time here.

Okay, now you're making me hungry, Marisa! (and I like both coffee & tea)

Forget the tea, coffee and cake, I'll have chocolate thanks.

marisa, i can only echo the sentiments listed above to express my deep appreciation for the incredible body of work that has been shared with so many of us for several years! your generosity is unmatched in any other scrapping site i've seen! now the added generosity of jordan to grow and develop this site is just a little sign of how well matched you are for each other smiley so thank you to you both for the fun and joy you bring to all of our lives with this site and your hard work and talent!!

Thanks Elizabeth!

I totally agree with everyone; the site is amazing!! I can't believe how open and friendly it is and I love the points system. It makes me join in the conversations, which I normally never did - I just needed a little push and the credit-thing did that for me! Right now I'm still having to much fun scrapping, but the possibilities you offer to start designing myself are very very tempting! Great job on really making this site a community, carry on Marisa and Jordan!!

I love the new site as well - Best community ever, and Marisa & Jordan are so supportive and helpful.

I too would like to thank you both for making this site available. It is fun to see the faces and get to know every
one. Thank you for all the things you have to give to us to. Your both great and generous people!