Who is going to watch The Hobbit?

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Who is going to watch The Hobbit?

I know some of you are Harry Potter fans, so I deceided to post it here, to see if there are some Tolkien fans nearby...

Yesterday, I was one of the first people to see "The Hobbit" here in Brazil, with a bunch of dear and old friends... we all dressed up in costumes to go to the fans room. This is one of the pictures I took in the end of the session:

Those are my husband and some friends. This picture was taken by a photographer from a Brazilian internet portal called UOL:

So, who have seen "The Hobbit"? Did you choose 2D or 3D sessions? What do you think about the movie?

and, of course (this is for all the ladies): What is your favorite dwarf? (you can see a picture with all of them here)

Oh, wow - didn't know they released it already elsewhere... In the States they haven't released it yet, but there's a pre-release showing tomorrow night & I'm going (a vendor gave my hubby tickets). Big Tolkien fan & I loved the LOTR movies so I'm very excited! We're going to hit an Irish pub for dinner beforehand since it's almost a 2 hr drive for us to get to the cinema hosting the pre-release. A bowl of Irish stew it is for me. smiley

Lorien, it looks like you guys had a blast! We've only seen the trailers-can't wait!

Still waiting for it.

All the waiting will be worth for "The Hobbit", it´s amazing! I wasn´t expecting the movie to be so good, but some Peter Jackson´s decisions made the fans really happy XD

In fact, the pre-release here in Brazil is today too. This session we went was a "pre-pre release" to the press, so they could write about it on the entretainment magazines, that are released on Thursdays or Fridays. We could only join to have someone for them to interview/take pictures about. I am from the biggest JRR Tolkien fan-club of my town - and I´ve met my hubby on this fan club, long long time ago...

Looks like a great time! I live in a house full of Tolkien fans, so I'm sure we'll be going out to see it soon...

It was a good introductory to the next 2 films, IMHO... I'd never seen a film in 3D so it was a different experience for me. At times it felt like stuff was popping out of the screen at me, and at other times I wasn't sure I liked it as it sometimes made the surroundings look fake. But overall, I liked it. Just a warning though - a lot of brutal fighting in this one (reminded me of the fighting that went on in the 2nd/3rd LOTR movies). And if you were hoping to see Smaug in this one you'll be disappointed - we only get to see a quick glimpse.

Now I don't want to spoil it for any of you, so my comments about the film will stop here - until some of you have gotten to seen it. smiley

Well, I haven´t seem in 3D as the copies weren´t ready yet when I saw... And I liked the way Smaug shows up (or not) in the beginning...

What do you think about Elrond´s mount? And the little critters of the forest?

And, of course - How was in the pub? XD

I didn't realize that it was in 3D. Even more excited now!

Definitely planning to!!! Budget constraints mean the husband and I won't likely make it right away, but I'm determined we'll catch it in a theater at some point. I've been a huge Tolkien fan for ages - not sure my husband actually made it through the books (which I've read several times), but he's a fan of good epic movies, so there's that. smiley

Those who have seen it: I'm curious to know how true it is to the book? I have hopes it'll be more fleshed out than the previous LotR movies (still upset at the lack of Tom Bombadil!), since it's being spread into three movies, but I also get nervous about random extra things being invented in movie-versions.

Also, it sounds like the 3D didn't add much of substance? Things "flying out" of the screen always distract me from the movie itself...aaand 3D movies tend to make me queasy anyway lol!

@Lorien: You know, I was so busy looking around at all the stuff in Rivendell & was distracted by all the 3D stuff that I didn't even notice Elrond's mount! I guess when it comes out on DVD I'll have to give that another look - I always pick up stuff that I may have missed the first go round. smiley

The little creatures were SOoooo cute! But that brown wizard (Radagash?) was one odd guy, that's for sure. Bird poo running down his head & next to the side of his face... I can't imagine anyone living like that (even if it's just a story). Blech! What I loved - watching those big birds swoop down on the party & carry them off out of danger - now that was cool!

What did you think of Gollum?

Pub was a bit of a disappointment -- hardly any Irish fare & the stew was jiggly like jello (at least it tasted okay). Not sure I'd go there again. I've had much better Irish fare elsewhere in the past (i.e. Maggie McKeevers & RiRa), so maybe my expectations were a bit higher. But seriously, I believe the stew was the only Irish dish on their menu - isn't that weird?! Not even any Irish soda bread...

@Melissa: I went to the movie expecting it wasn´t going to be a good film - as I didn´t fancy that much the LOTR ones (also missed Tom Bombadil) and found it´s weird to get a book like The Hobbit in 3 movies. However, at least my country´s fans, really enjoyed some of the additions. Even the most exaggerated weren´t taken out of nowhere, but relate to othter Tolkien books. I ended up with a far better first impression of this movie than of any of the LOTR.

The biggest change was, probably, that orc Azog was chosen as the enemy for this movie, as it´s difficult to have an epic movie without one - If I´m not mistaken, he´s not mentioned in The Hobbit, but only in the appendix of LOTR: RotK. And, as you possibly know, Radagast the brown appears - and even gives a little help to Thorin and the others. Other scenes, have minor changes, and there´s the meeting of the White Council, that has some things that can make some Tolkien admirers a bit angry.

But you can expect: a GREAT soundtrack, hearing elvish and orcish, some scenarios looking pretty much like classic paintings about them, rock giants and a Gandalf that´s still The Grey and isn´t sure of what he´s doing.

@Liz: I can really imagine, Rivendell is gorgeous! I can´t understand why Elrond don´t just use a horse as a mount, was curious to know how other people felt about this lol! People here are comparing the brown wizard with Jack Sparrow, and others, imagining how would Tom Bombadil be in the movies if Rada is like that smiley

Well, I like Andy Serkis as Gollum - and I think they made a good thing on adapting his scenes, although I imagined them differently reading the book - but how can you have a total darkness scene in a movie? And also, I wasn´t really willing to see Gollum eating a baby orc, lol. I like the way he discovers how Bilbo tricked him, and how he starts to say the things he´s still repeating in Lord of the Rings in that moment.

and... ouch for the pub. I imagined that only in Brazil the kind of thing like an Irish pub with no Irish food should happen smiley

Tomorrow I´ll see it again - 2D again, as we are with short money - and maybe some opinions change at a second - and calmer - look.

@Lorien: It's been so long since I read the book... is it possible that Bilbo's interaction with Bombadil was on the return home? So maybe we'll see it in movie #3? Sure makes me want to read the book again. I was actually thinking about reading it to my 3rd grader on the weekends or as a bedtime story. Problem is it's buried in a box somewhere in my garage. Still not fully unpacked, yet we moved into our new home 2 yrs ago... Pretty sad, huh?

Going to take my grandkids to the movie on Thursday Eve, then afterwards Pizza, so we can sit around and discuss out favorite parts!

I still hope to watch it but I don't know how we will fit it in.

I will be going to see it. I have my last exam in 2 days ... and then I'm FREE to see it. Can't wait!!!

Living in such a lonely spot of the world, I bet I won't be able to see it on the big screen smiley... will have to wait for the DVD, I'm afraid.

i just watched it last night! AWESOME! smiley

I am excited. I love Martin Freeman, so I'm excited to see him in the series. I expect the first movie to be a bit slow, though. I'm not sure how they divided it up into THREE portions for that book. It's a tad on the long side for a children's novel, but still, not nearly as long as the LOTR trilogy!

We will be going this weekend to see the movie - I can't wait! I was not in town when the movie came out. But I'm home now....

I won't be watching it, but I didn't know it was in 3D either.

I watched it this evening...some scenes had me shocked and screamed, -well actually-... a lot of scenes, i admit that smiley smiley

Yeah, it is a bit more violent than it was in the book... A lot of reviewers think they made it that way to match the tone of the LOTR movies...

We will see it when it is released on DVD/BluRay. You see, rather than paying to go to the movies, I wait till they come out and spend less to buy them. We have over 2000 DVDs in our collection and it grows every Tuesday (new release day!).

@Janet: I'm normally the same way, but for movies like this I usually make an exception... smiley

@ Janet & Lizanne: Y'all are better than me... I usually wait until it comes out at Blockbuster, Netflix, or Redbox and rent it for $1-3... smiley
but.... we do make exceptions for 3d movies sometimes due to husbands love for them. smiley

@Shawna: We have one of those Redboxes over at our grocery store - have rented a couple times, but not too often. Honestly, I'm usually quite content with what I get off my satellite dish (esp. Hallmark channel & PIXL), so I don't buy a lot of dvd's. But if it's something that I would want to keep, I might buy them if they're on sale or via eBay. For me, going to the cinema is to see movies I want to see on a big screen - like LOTR movies, Hobbit and Narnia for instance. Occasionally we'll go to the drive-in because the cost is pretty reasonable ($7/adult for 2 movies; kids 8 & under are only $3) - but only on a dry night because the one near us has a creek & the mosquitoes are awful. Need to stay in the car & keep the windows rolled up (the mosquitoes really like me & my youngest). If it's humid out, the car gets all fogged up.

@Lizanne I understand the big screen thing but we have a 55" LCD in a 10x10 room. Then to really set it off it is in an alcove and I painted the alcove a dark gray....then turn out the lights and with the Bose speakers it is just like we are watching a big screen! Makes a wonderful movie night when we get the latest releases!

@Janet: Ooh, that sounds nice!

Wow Janet!

As my hubby and I don´t really like TV shows and so, but are two addicted geeks, we deceided on not having TVs till we got kidds. As they hadn´t come yet, we watch movies either on bed in one of the laptops or on the monitor of his PC. We used to go to cinema a lot more in the first years, but now I guess we became used... and we go only to see movies we are really waiting for... Also cinema tickets are very expensive these days...

@Lizanne: We have a drive in about an hour away. It's about the same cost for two movies per adult here, too. We do that a few times each summer but more for nostalgia than anything. smiley And we can take the dogs with us. They love it, playing Frisbee with all the little kids there before the movie starts.