Basic Flat Stitching

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This thread is just what I needed, Thank you!

I love the look of stitching but would never have thought of doing it this way! Thank you for sharing smiley

I appreciate the tut...makes me want to do this, thanks.

I have mentioned before how much I didn't enjoy working with Photoshop until now. Everything always seemed so complicated and difficult. You are a great teacher and do a great job of breaking down the elements to show only what I need to know. This stitching is fantastic.

I'm off to stitch. Thanks.

Great fun. smiley Gotta give this a try. Thanks.

Love this one, sure going to try it soon. But then I love all the great tutorials on your site.

like the hand-drawn look as well. Thanks

Thanks you

Thank you Marisa!

I like both of them since you can get a little bit different look with each! smiley

Great tutorial. I need to learn more about using the line tool.

Great tutorial - thanks!

Wow! So easy! I have a stitching brush with various stitch designs, but it's limited and doesn't look near as realistic. Thank you!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for this tutorial!!!

OOOOOOO - this looks amazingly fun to do. Can't wait to try it on the layouts for the pictures of my kiddos doing crafts! Thanks for making it fun and easy!

I like the freehand... So realistic.

another really awesome tut that I can't wait to try out!!!

Thank you - I wouldn't have thought to make my own stitching. Can't wait to try it. I think stitching adds a great 'something extra' to layered projects.

Very interesting! I'm going to have to give it a try. I love stitches!

this is great! thanks for sharing!

Thanks for this tutorial. smiley

easy peasy! thanks

Can't wait to try this. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Finally I can add stiching the way I like it. But I hoped there would be some kind of trick to it. I guess I just have to do it the long way.

So that's how it's done!? Thank you.

I had a go at this tutorial last night...loved my result! TY for this!

I had always wondered how to do this. Thank you for sharing these tuts on it!

Handy tutorials. Nice and simple!