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ISO: Banners

Not exactly sure if this has come up already, but.... are there any banners or bunting that can be downloaded? I have been through everything (I think) and cannot find anything. Anyone found one or two.
Or... perhaps I could be giving ideas to our lovely Merisa Lerin to include a template...or a kit with these as elements????

hiya amy! i made some up for you today. you can grab them on my blog.....HERE.....hope they work for you. hugs!

I'm thinking if this gets moved to Digital SB Discussion and the title is changed to "ISO: Banners", you will get more responses too, plus others that need banners will know that Shelly made some to share with us. I'm going to change the title and move it over there for us. smiley

thanks shawna, i thought it should be here too lol

Thankyou very much for your help, ladies.
Also, Thanks for the banner templates, Shelly. I'm about to use them in a excited!