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I'm so glad we have until February! My old XP finally died on me and everything I had been working on is stuck on my hard drive. My motherboard is fried smiley I had started collecting image ideas so now I have to start all over. I am still getting my programs installed on this computer which is my sons old computer with Windows 7 and it's not very user friendly at all. Grrrr.

@Tina: Oh you gonna love windows 7 when you get the hang of it all smiley There is only one thing i miss from xp and that is the option of seeing one big pictures on the files rather than what w7 has but i've learned to live with it..

Btw i usualy compress my files into .rar, since the usual programs can open it and it's one of the most prefered smiley Does anyone have trubble opening it??

@Tina: I hear ya... ((hugs)) I, too, loved my XP, and am still not very comfortable with Windows 7. Like with PSP X4 & Outlook 2010 (which you've heard me gripe about) - things are not in the same place, and some things have been renamed as well! Very frustrating at times... I'm here if you need a sounding board... And maybe we can help each other?

I feel you... I hung onto to XP as long as I could like you and Lizanne. I missed it so bad, but I am somewhat familiar now having to use a new laptop we bought instead of a giant clunker PC. ... and NOW Windows 8 is already been released, mercy!!! LoL

If it was just your motherboard, someone should be able to take your old hard drive and get all your stuff off there and transfer it to your new one. It shouldn't have messed any of that up. That's what happened to me, exactly and hubby just transferred all my docs, pictures, and scrapping stuff... also my email, but that part was a little wasted time because now since that I've changed my email not to download to my PC so I can just manage it all online... you know with the smart phones and tablet, and pc I can read and take care of my messages almost anywhere just by logging in to it.

Lol. Yes Shawna, I've already started that process. My son has been studying to learn how to work with computers (he built his own) so he is taking my hard drive out of the dead computer and trying it in another old XP we had way back in the closet that we totally forgot was there. I will just be happy if I can get all the files I've been working on for the past week. I normally back up but not usually every day...I had just backed everything up last week but didn't back up what I've worked on this past weekend. Christmas eve was the first time I turned my computer on for a couple days (too busy with holiday stuff) and it just would not turn on. I'm crossing my fingers he can get the other one going.

I had some really good ideas saved for the retro kitchen theme and I'm not sure I could find them again. I stumbled on a blog which led me to other blogs and I was on a roll, lol. I wanted to see if I could duplicate some of the patterns with some of the shapes I have (errr had). We'll see. At least I've got a little time to get it together smiley

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback...I was a little bumbed about it but knowing I'm not the only one who has had to go "cold turkey" from XP...I don't feel so alone...it's like a little XP withdrawal support group smiley

A bunch of people have mentioned collecting ideas and inspiration for the blog train. Are any of you on Pinterest? I would love to turn my Retro Kitchen inspiration board into a group board. If you are interested, let me know your Pinterest name and I will add you so you can pin to the board as well.

The retro kitchen theme looks really cool. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.


I love everyone's enthusiasm! I'm really enjoying the "Community" here. Looking forward to everyone's piece of the train! And I am really pleased to see that there will be new people joining the train for the first time. That's how we all learn and grow.

I would love to see your pintrest. I don't have my link to it but it's under Sugarbutt Designs. (I don't use it a lot so I'm not sure what to give you but I would love to start using it too) smiley
Thank you for great offer hun!

@Sugarbutt, Ok, dear, I have added you to the Pinterest board for Retro Kitchen inspiration! If you come across anything in your internet wanderings, just pin it, and the option to pin to our shared board should come up. It's here if you want to see what is there so far: http://pinterest.com/MissMeridian/retro-kitchen/

Hi Violet,

I would love to join in, even though I don't spend a lot of time on pinterest (out of self-protection - it is too addictive!). You can find me here: http://pinterest.com/melouisevrijhof/


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