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Christmas craft

Have you guys done any christmas crafting this year? smiley I did my first today smiley Here is how it turned out smiley

Love the snowflake.
I am mostly crafting for Christmas gifts. I've got a few Twilight tee shirts to make, some Harry Potter potion ornaments to do, some jewelry to make, and some scarves to knit. Hadn't thought about taking photos of them. The only thing I did finish was this painting for a friend of mine.

OMG smiley That painting is amazing...

im making book marks for my DBT group. i won a $25 amazon card and ordered a laminater today, it will be here on tuesday. i have group wed. so im gonna get the book marks done and then laminate tues. jessica i love love love the snowflake! how did you make it? and that painting???? well, can i be your friend too?? LOL

Wow you guys- such creativity!

I got something they call wirestars to begin with. And i just use the beads i had at home and created it smiley Here's a picture where in the ends of it you can spot some empty wirestars smiley

(picture is from google)

Awww, thanks guys.
Oh, my Shelly you are going to be very very busy Tuesday making bookmarks.
Those wirestars are pretty awesome Jessica. Its funny I see stars with the gold ones, but the blue and the white still look like snowflakes to me smiley

Looks fun everyone! Not a lot of crafting supplies are available here, but I did just finish knitting a scarf.

I admit: I´m starting to get mad at myself for not having started it yet. And, as my husband will go to see her grandmother next Saturday (as it´s also her birthday), I must have some crafts done till then.... No idea on how will I manage it, however!

@Jessica: I haven´t seem snowflakes like that before, it´s an excellent idea!

@Tiffany: I wanna be your friend too! What a great dragon smiley

Hey Jessica,we do share the same interests...I really love beading too..
Here's a website where I get most of my beading supplies:

Hope it's useful:)

love your snowflakes. love'em.

I've been working with my Polymer Clay, making faux ivory earrings. Here is a sample of my dragonfly earrings. They are meant to look old and distressed.

Love those earrings! So beautiful!

smiley so pretty!

Loving your projects, ladies!!!

Love all these crafts!! Here is one my grandson did this year for Christmas. You take a pretty glass jar or vase and put cut up yew branches and add a few cranberries. Fill with water and add a floating candle. Some of the cranberries will get stuck in the branches and the others will float. It was just so beautiful and festive plus it is easy and cheap to make!

I didn't do any crafts. XD

@Jessica: Wow! Those snowflakes are soo cool. I've never seen anything like them before either.

@Tiffany: Whoa! O.O that's some amazing painting skills.

Those snowflakes are amazing! I was wanting to make something like that once and couldn't figure out how! lol

I usually always make something for Christmas but sadly didn't have the time this year. So all I did was print everyone's pictures I had snapped throughout the year and put them on the packages in place of the tags. They of course all loved them!

Jessica, I like your wirestars.

I was inspired to make wirestars as you make it to be my Christmas tree ornaments.

great idea!

+1 from me Jessica. Looks gorgeous and I wouldn't have guessed that it was easy to do, it looks very complicated!

Love it! How many did you make?

I didn't do any this year just before Christmas, but I did make this ornament earlier in the year.

oh, so beautiful!

Oh Cherry that ornament is beautiful, i want like 10 smiley

@Susan i made 4 smiley

Sunny those earrings are so pretty!
Cheery that ornament is very pretty
I made a few things for my mother for Christmas

this T-Shirt is really beautiful! I´d like to have one like that. Well, the jewlery is cute too, but the T-shirt caught my eye!

i love this. i got an ornament kinda like that one year ( my hubby gets me an ornament every year) my theme for next year is going to be snowflakes.. and i wanna make some of these. did you have a kit? or did you find instructions online? oops i hit reply under this and thought it might show the actual comment.. this is for jessica flor!

I'm guessing Jessica Flor is me smiley (Fors) and to answer your question i didn't smiley You'll need some beads, any beads you like and whirestars smiley And tools ofc smiley just some nippers (i think it's called) one to cut with and another to bend with (typical jewelry tools)

@ Sunny Faith Rush - I can't believe those are just clay!! They're beautiful!

I'm seriously impressed with everyone's creations, what talent we have here. Now that Christmas is over and all my Christmas crafts are done, I'm playing catch up/clean up of other projects I have sitting around. We had a church group craft day a couple months ago and I still have pumpkins to make, a snowman (hey, I can still use that one smiley ), and a family sign. I also bought some material to attempt making myself a skirt, oh and the sea shell ornaments I intended to make for all my kids from our vacation this fall. smiley I'd much rather be doing any of those things or scrapbooking, but sadly my family insists on eating and I have to make a grocery/errand run and make bread today. smiley

I make my Christmas decorations before starting back to work in the New Year when there is more time. Last year I made a (very basic) quilt for my bed and this year I am going to make some cushion covers with some cute santa dog material I got.

Those are AMAZING! Well done!