What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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here are a few more i really like... http://freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.com/, http://thegraphicsfairy.com & http://scrapbook.creativebusybee.com/ thanks for all the awesome sites to explore!

This is a great thread. Thank you for this and I so love Pinterest!!

My top 3 are

*Scrapbook Flair (yep a shameless plug since I am a designer for them under the name OklahomaDawn) http://www.scrapbookflair.com The membership is free and anyone can always download the 3 newest collections for free, so every time a new collection is made available you can get it for free. They also have lots of fun challenges running all the time.

*I've used Creative Busy Bee for years http://scrapbook.creativebusybee.com

*And I just found this site a few days ago and it has definitely jumped into my top 3 http://www.digiscrapfreebiefinder.blogspot.com


Thanks for these tips.

Wow! I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the wonderful information-links. I'm wanting more than ever to learn Digital Scrapbooking. smiley Thank you, Bee xoxox smiley

My top-3 list:

#1. Here you can download a picture for free every day. Everyday there's a new something. An animal, or flower, or ?? Check it out smiley http://www.misskatecuttables.com/products/freebie-of-the-day/

#2. I found this one and here are very cute kits! I love it, maybe you too smiley http://ellielash.com/blog/archives/category/freebies

#3. https://www.persnicketyprints.com/digifreebies Also with great freebies

And i also like Sheila a lot, but i saw that she is here on PixelScrapper smiley http://digiteedesigns.blogspot.nl/search/label/CU%20Freebies

O I almost forgot, this month you can download a freebie each day with a BBQ theme smiley http://www.chelles-creations.com/digital-scrapbooking-blog/

So now i have a top-5 smiley

I haven't seen this one listed, so here it is http://salttownstudio.blogspot.com/ You can page through the blog, but it's really easier to just click 'Salt Town Studio Shop' and browse from there.
Everything is free but you do have to sign up and checkout as though it was a purchase. No flood of email It's not a site that has new stuff every day, or even every week, but the freebies don't expire. Some very cute kits, my favorites are the Rumble in the Jungle collection and Must Love Cats (and dogs) kits, very much worth checking out smiley

nice collection .. did go throu al

http://www.digiteedesigns.blogspot.com.br I really luv these designs!

Hi guys im new to the pixelscrapper family,actually joined yesterday, thanks for all the info and links you guys have posted!!!! smiley

seen all those pages to check and not post twice, a lot of I wanted to talk about is already posted here! smiley great job smiley

edit: I made a huge list and now I realize the title was : your 3 favorites! argh! smiley

so just 3...

Cajoline-scrap who's offering freebies PU and CU on a regular basis
this is a french blog, just allow google traduction for example smiley

Mayasa offers QP on her blog http://ledigiscrapdemayasa.blogspot.fr/

Akizo is from Japan and has amazing templates but some kits also smiley

I'm in love with the worldwide scrap community! smiley

You may find link to freebies on my pinterest board:

Nathalie smiley

I found that if I follow good people on Pinterest they find good freebies and we all pass them around.

Thank you so much for all the freebies websites, I checked every link, fantastic!

I have 3 other ones to add, if they were mentioned already I apologize, here they are:

Scrap Dimensions Freebies

Katie Pertiet Freebies

Digicats (and Dogs)

Enjoy smiley

Great thread! If you're on facebook, there are a lot of groups out there for digital scrapbooking freebies. Also, I post freebies (pu and cu) on my blog: http://gypsy-butterfly.blogspot.com/

Sorry, I should have posted this one too, I forgot.

For all of you who like vintage style scrapbooking, Sky's The Limit is your gal. Her blog was the first one ever I found with free kits on the web, she haven't posted anything new since 2011, but all her kits and matching clusters are still available and they are gorgeous, I hope you all like it smiley

i really like Summer Driggs' kit designs.

Oh wow. I got lost in a downloading frenzy going through this thread. What day is it?
Thank you everyone for sharing. Wish I had something useful to add.

Water Lo Project has a lot of free collab kits that the group of ladies have made.

Thanks for sharing, ladies.
I especially like: http://qualitydigiscrapfreebies.blogspot.se/ and http://suzee-q-stuff.blogspot.ca/
On a note of caution, I recently downloaded CU freebies from 2 blogs, but the images looked suspicious.
When I checked some of the images in Google Image search, they were not copyright free. The bloggers had just downloaded the photos from online stores & extracted them. I presume they didn't understand copyright violations, but for designers using these freebies in their kits it could have consequences as they would unknowingly be violating copyright.

hi ms Jenn i love all of ur creations i clicked on the link u posted it would not go to ur blog just someng about getting a blog would love to have all i can of ur older freebies etc for sure ur templates,hank u for reading this etc,joyce

I don't know if anyone has posted this but mistyhilltops.com is a great site. She has wonderful freebies, awesome tips and beautiful inspiration. I love her work.

Thank you soooo much Karry ! I discover this site and you're right : this is a great one !!!

And thank you Happy Scrap Artist for Suzee Q's Stuff ! It's so nice too !!

Awesome thanks!

I love Sweet Shoppe Designs! Their kits are so cute and they always have a lot of freebies!

I think I've seen all the posts here, and haven't seen this listed. In fact, I don't remember seeing any links for templates yet. So, if any of you scrap like I do, with more pictures and less "stuff" - check out http://simplyyin.blogspot.com/. It's so hard to find free two page templates, and she has a bunch of really great ones (as well as one pagers)!

I agree on all three! I hadn't heard of #2, but just checked it out and loved it! Thank you!

on February 05, 2013 Brenda Ellison posted some links to blogs that consistently have freebies... Her post was loose in the list with the Designer threads and got lost so I'm gonna copy and paste her post here so that others new to pixel scrapper can find the links more easily... so here's her post...

I just thought I would share some links for blogs that are constantly adding Free Kits to their blogs. Some of them may be old to some members that have been here for a while but for newbies it helps to find freebies.




I will add my resources website and freebie blog

and my studio blog