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Site performance tweaks

I've been working today on tweaking our site and server configuration. Everything should be loading a bit faster now.

Let me know if you notice the difference, or if you have any comments on site performance generally (i.e. how fast the site is loading relative to other sites that you visit).

It seems to be a little slower for me today. I also encountered an error, well a few errors. I couldn't log in from the log in button at the top. I had to go to the forum and log in from there.

Downloading seems to be a problem for me today too. I downloaded 3 PU layout templates, #162, 169 and 186 (2 DC's each) but for some reason it ate up 8 of my credits. I think I noticed it after I downloaded #162.

I am also not able to go to the assets link, when I click on it, I am automatically logged out but if I click on templates, I am logged in again.
I am using Google Chrome if that helps.

Whoa, that's a lot of problems! Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for letting me know.

Some of those issues may have been caused by the maintenance I was doing at the time... I'm using the site now in Chrome, and don't seem to be having any issues of the issues you mention (tried logging out, then back in, etc.).

Please let me know if the site is still being weird for you.

No problems yet this morning. I logged in the normal way and so far so good. I checked out the assets without any issues.
Thank you.

The pages are loading a bit faster, thank you