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catchy title? lol. is it possible to get the "freebie" stuff out of the way in the digital scrap discussion forum? its so out of control you have to struggle to find actual discussion. i think a RAK forum or something? thanks smiley

I know that they have tossed the idea around for something to probably occur this year... perhaps a new subcategory/sub-forum but I know they had so much on their plates already and then the holidays came along. I'm sure Marisa or Jordan will let you know their thoughts on the subject soon enough though. smiley

Thanks for the feedback, Shelly: we'll try to get that sorted soon!

I was going to suggest this also seems that ISOs and Freebies should have their own sections as to not clutter up the scrap discussions.

Hi Chelle - Don´t worry, they will. Jordan is a bit busy solving DC issues ( he will need to rebuild all the system from the beginning) and trying to figure out some other things, but we will soon have a new forum for freebies. Don´t worry smiley

Not the ISO's (In Search Of's) though, they will stay. These actually belong in digital scrapping as they are not always requesting freebies. They could be asking for a tutorial on how to do something, where to buy kits, where to find someone's blog or FB page, etc. So, these will indeed stay behind as it is the best place for people to ask for help when searching for something digital scrapping related.

And yes to what Lorien says they are in the process of creating a freebies only forum and all of those will move when they are done with that forum for us. There is just a lot going on behind the scenes with the tremendous growth of the website. Thanks for your patience and understanding. smiley

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