ISO: Chinese New Years & Celebratory Kits

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ISO: Chinese New Years & Celebratory Kits

there're probably not that many asians here, but I was wondering if anyone would consider Chinese New Year kits? Not just that, but also of other festivals from different cultures! it's coming in a month's time, and i, for one, would love to share the festive spirit.

by the way, I'm not sure if this has been asked elsewhere so I'll apologise in advance, but normal users cannot upload assets? sorry for the incovenience caused, i really appreciate what this site offers, even though I don't really do scrapbooking, i do use the stuff here for designing templates and layouts smiley

i'm also on the lookout for Chinese New Year kits. i managed to download a Chinese-themed kit recently, but it's a general Chinese theme and not CNY. Last year, i was also new to scrapbooking and didn't know where to find such kits if they were available, so i made some of my own elements by taking photos of my relatives' CNY decorations and extracting them to use in my layouts. It sounds easy, but it's not. i managed to get away with a decent close-up of my MIL's pussy willow by using a red background and then using the halfway cleaned extracted version against a red background, but flowers from those wall posters didn't turn out well at all, and i had to do a LOT of touch up. i also made my own chun1 decoration by typing the character as a cutout template and then using that against a sheet of gold glitter (downloaded from Pixel Scrapper!) and then pasting the glittered character against a red square turned 45 degrees. Hope you can see what i'm talking about. smiley

Anyway, i don't believe we can upload assets, only layouts. Gina, where're you from? i'm just curious. smiley

Although I´m really not an asian, I´d LOVE a kit for chinese new year, because in my hometown we have a big celebration on this, which I attend every year, but I have only one themed kit for it, a payed kit from a brazilian designer, and the pictures are a bit cildish. I want better lions, dragons, and so XD.

Users can´t upload assets yet, but someday they will This is explained on this thread.

In case you missed my reply on your other message, please consider introducing yourself and posting a profile picture, since you seem intrested on getting involved in the community smiley

I'm thinking if this gets moved to Digital SB Discussion and the title is changed to "ISO: Chinese New Years & Celebratory Kits", you will get more assistance maybe. So, I'm going to change the title and move it there for you. smiley I hope someone will be able to help you find exactly what you need, most of the people around here are very helpful with these threads.

A great theme idea! I'm not sure I would be able to tackle it living here in the Middle East since I don't think it's celebrated here even a little bit. I have a few things that might work packed away from my time living in Hong Kong, so I'll keep this idea on the back burner.

Please post any links to other kits or things you've made to celebrate this holiday.

I have a kit from Keystone Scraps called Good Fortune (available from Scrap n Pieces) and there is a kit by SNP there called The Orient too. These would work for CNY.

singapore! smiley

Haha, thought so Gina! You should recognise the place in the photo then. =P

the train track connecting to malaysia that was closed down recently? smiley