Help me find this

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Help me find this

I think it's so great to have a place to ask where to find things smiley

Great idea, Jessica!!! It's better looking for only one place... smiley

I'm looking for a large feather with a large plume, a very fat feather, like in Captain hooks hat

I would like to find a CU freebie for a peeling paint background. Any ideas?

great thread! I'm not sure where I can find any of those things though! If you know how to extract some of the image, The Graphics Fiary has a lot of random images (more ephemera than anything). You might be able to find a plume feather there. Also, have you guys checked out Deviant Art??? TONS of resources that people create, I'd bet you'd find at least some .abr peeling paint brushes Connie. Check here

Hi i've been serching a little and i found this options:
Feathers 1
Feathers 2

Don't know if they are big inought tho smiley

This is a great idea for a thread.

Jaclyn beat me to it... I was going to say for everything. You can get EVERYTHING there - except extra storage space to go with it ;0)


Hi Connie,

I don't know if it's what you had in mind, but I posted a free CU sampler a couple of years ago. Go check out if you can use it:


Jessica your fast on the draw! I've been to Diviant Art but have stayed away from the other sites for some reason. Thanks.

Once you get into the templates or assets, the filters on the left are really great for breaking down what one can look for.

In DeviantArt, be sure to read the TOUs of the designers...many say NO COMMERCIAL USE or Use withing DA only. A lot of the TOUs are located in the journal portion of their pages.