Scrap for Hire vs. Commercial Use

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Scrap for Hire vs. Commercial Use

Is there a standard accepted definition of scrap for hire and commercial use? I'm a photographer, who from time to time does layouts/storyboards/cards for clients. I do earn money from the layouts, but give them to the clients in a flattened .jpg form. Where do I stand when using scrapbook kits created by other people? Or do I need to read the specific TOU for each of the shops I visit?

These are the kind of confusions that drive me crazy and that motivated me to start this site!

Yes, I think that some digiscrap designers differentiate between scrap for hire and commercial use. The only way to know what someone means is to read their TOU. And I think most shops actually let their designers make their own TOU. Perhaps there are some that have a unified TOU that people can recommend?

I don't think you were wondering about this site, but just in case, anything you download with a commercial use license can ABSOLUTELY be used for any kind of commercial work, assuming you modify it in some way, like using it in a layout for your clients.

I think *generally* the spirit of Scrap For Hire is that you are getting paid to make a scrapbook for someone - emphasis on "one" (rather than making 200 notecards sell in a store). Scrap 4 Hire license usually stipulates that the files you deliver to your client must be flattened if you are delivering a digital product, so they can't be used again. Scrap 4 Hire is a nice option for moms and creatives who do a little work out of their home.

The reason I know about S4H V CU is because I do graphic arts work for small companies and I have to be very careful about the licensing and have spent a lot of time reading TOUs. I always get the CU license, just as a protection for my client even though I could probably get away with the Scrap 4 Hire license.

Having said all that, if in doubt -- find out. Most designers are pretty friendly and responsive.

That was one of the things that I loved about PixelScrapper and also how I found it - the licensing is clear and simple.

My understanding: When talking generically about a S4H license I can´t, for example, do a hybrid project and post it in my ETSY shop, but I can offer it if the client asks for something like that (for example: Can I have the element I see on that page in your blog at the page you are making for me? Can you find a pink-green-brown stripped paper for the LO with those photos?).

But the truth is: You always need to read each TOU, and, if you have doubts, contact the designer. I always got fast answers when I needed.

(and yeah, I´m an admirer of Feel Good licenses... they are so easy to understand!)

S4H is basically the same as Commercial use....You are using someone else's designs to create a product and receive payment for it. Here is my own humble TOU that has descriptions of the various levels of use...Terms of Use Hope it helps a bit!

Ugh, I'm still a little confused about some things, Marisa. I just joined in Dec, and you did some daily freebies, things that you didn't even have to be signed in for. I understand Marisa that if I download something using my Download Credits, I should be choosing either the PU license or the CU license, the latter would be my choice, though I've not done much yet. But what about the items that you "gave" in Dec, were those CU's or just PU's? Thanks.

Any freebies that I give away are under the CU license.

I had the same question. That's awesome, Marisa.

Marisa, thanks...I wanted to be able to tag your kits appropriately.
And if you don't hear it enough, let me just say it and Jordan have such giving hearts. And it IS appreciated. SOOO Looking forward to a day when I can give a little back. My family has gone through 2.5 yrs of tough times, and we are still wondering if we will be able to stay in our home, or if we need to take steps to reduce expenses even more. Today I had to help my daughter make a skype call to her grandparents to request a school loan to help her pay for books and things. I had to remind her that most don't get to the middle of their Junior year before having to ask for help, something my dad mentioned to her as well.
Since I have a disability and physically can't hold down a job outside the home, I'm looking forward to the day when I can earn some through scrapbooking and give some back to you and the community you are building here!