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Color Palettes

Does anyone have a favorite site for inspiration on color palettes? Thanks in advance!

site and site... I use google actually cause it's so easy to find what ever you want smiley
here is an favorite:
and here:

ive been making my own with my favorite photos here

I pin all my favorites here:

Jessica, thank you! Those are great resources. smiley

Shelley, that is a good resource to know about. Marisa, I love the idea of using Pinterest for color palettes!!

Thank you both for taking the time to share your ideas. smiley

Thank you for the websites, I will look at them all. smiley

Has anyone heard about color theory? For instance, when shopping for clothes, one would normally take the item of choice with the color that they like, or it makes them feel confident when wearing. I am assuming that when picking out a designer's kit, people naturally gravitate to the colors that they like best. Aside from the element factor, that is how I pick my kits.

So color theory drills down to spring colors, fall colors, winter colors, and summer colors. So spring colors would be the pastels; such as light pink, yellow, lavender, blue. Summer colors would be the bright colors such as bright orange, and bright green so on and so forth.

Just wondered if anyone heard about this theory.

Sharon, I've heard of color theory... I actually have several books I never got around to reading on color theory... I should go find those books when I'm feeling better (darn cold/flu thingy) and see if the books have anything we could use... they were geared towards graphic designers making advertising/marketing things, but I'm sure some of what the books say would fit with scrapbooking too... other than the basics that we went through in my design 101 course (which was back in 2003) I don't know much about it... I do remember that different colors represent different things depending on the culture of your intended customer... for instance in America wedding dresses are usually white... but in India, I think, the usual color is red... I think if I recall correctly red is purity in that culture (don't quote me on that though)... it was quite fascinating hence why I bought the books about it, but I was so busy with school I never got around to reading them... hopefully I'll come across the books as I'm cleaning out my storage facility in the new year... I'll let you know if they're any good and any tidbits I learn when I find them.

Sarah, I love the idea of thinking about colors as they relate to culture! It's fascinating to see how people around the world hold different notions of what color represents.

@Sharon Grant ~ I have a degree in art and studied color theory to exhaustion. It's used by all kinds of industries to determine everything from packaging colors to restaurant design to what color tie a candidate will wear. I find it fascinating.

thank you for these sites! i'm definitely going to try them out!

Oh I just love design seeds. I get their email everyday! I have a palette board on pinterest as well.

@Betsy: awesome color inspiration! I just followed your color board smiley Thx!!!

Thanks for sharing the board Betsy, I'm following now too.

Thanks for sharing everyone! I started checking into these today, I only had one of the links bookmarked so now I have more and have followed your boards smiley Thanks so much! My color board on pinterest is:

Amazing place to find inspiration... Thank you so much for sharing them.

I have a hard time with color combos. So, I like Design Seeds!

Design Seeds has always been my favorite place to find color inspiration. I admire those of you that work with "Color Theory", but I don't apply color theory to my designs - I apply my "I LIKE that!" instinct, and have fun with it. Too much applied science would make it seem like work, instead of play. At my age, I get to do whatever I want, including breaking color "rules". (LOL)

Thanks for all the links, Design Seeds has been my inspiration too, but often I will see a paper in a kit and go with that.

I like the breaking rules theory Sunny, I know I'm old enough for that too LOL.

This is another good color board by Angie Sandy, she posts lots of her own palettes, and it's nice to get them from the original source!

Marisa and Shawna, I am sorry to say thanks so late!

Design Seeds is the best!! smiley

I just looked at your color board and am now following it too! It's so inspiring. I must admit, it's also some delicious eye candy.

My go-to palette inspiration site is colourlovers - though Pinterest has definitely become a big one for me too! (And, looking at Designseeds' website...yeah lots of my favorites on Pinterest were originally from there, lol!)

I also end up grabbing ideas from home decor sites - I've derived several palettes from images on Better Homes and Gardens' website, and goodness knows paint company websites always have lovely combos! I'm also a crochet addict, and I have to say, yarn companies do an epic job of pulling together color palettes too (KnitPicks and Lion Brand are my two most frequent for color ideas).

This is an old thread but I think it is still an important topic .... has anybody created their own pallets? .... I take one of my own photos or even borrow one and create a new page in photoshop, import the photo and create a pallet on the side then use my colour picker to pick up the colours. They are always beautiful and I can usually get at least three colourways from 1 photo. As well, because it is something I created from a photo I liked I always love the pallet and will use it.

@Susan: You may want to look at this action - that helps you create your own color palettes on photoshop/pse easier. I almost always pick already-made color palettes, but, if I need to make my own, I use this:

I think Design seed is amazing! It gives med so much inspiration!

Lorien ... how did I miss that one .... I use the coffee shop a lot lol ... thanks

@Susan: I Knew you´d love it. You´re very welcome smiley

I used Pinterest♥ to chose the perfect color palette, they have plenty of them, you should take a look at them... Also, i have a Pinterest Board ⇠ here with all the color palette i like... smiley

Samantha - love your Pinterest Board!!! smiley