Will lose my points if no one responds

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Will lose my points if no one responds

I posted somewhere else in this section of the forum, but I haven't rec'd. a response. I have 51 community credits and don't want to lose them. I can't download anything. Please help. Thank you!

Can you detail a bit more why you can´t download? What browser are you using? what happens when you try to download? It´s a bit difficult to help when we don´t know exactly what is happening.

Also, aren´t you confusing download credits with community points?

Wow, I didn't know there was a difference. And I have read a lot of info. on this site. Okay, now I can download items from templates section, but I can't dl parts of kits. Yes, you're right, I have 53 community points and 10 DC. Okay, for some reason, maybe the time zone topic?, I was just able to dl using my DC. Thanks for your help!