FREEBIES CU/PU/S4H/S4O: Jejja design

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Very cute thank you Jessica. Hugs Maureen xxx

hi thank u again. smiley

i really like the journaling template..that is awesome! smiley

I'm gonna have a daily download until christmas on my blog smiley
Go there

cute smiley


thank you

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Love your creations. Thank you for sharing them.

New freebie in my blog smiley 1 inch flair template and a set of pointers template for you smiley

Just go HERE

Love the little doodle kits! Thanks very much for sharing.

I have a DSD freebie on my blog

smiley Jessica thank you very much for this kit, its lovely, lovely colours.

Beautiful kit...thanks for sharing!

New freebie on my brand new facebookfage smiley Sending you to the blogpost where you'll find where to download smiley


So pretty, Jessica - thank you for sharing these kits and templates!

I have a new freebie waiting for 100 likes on my facebook smiley A mini addon to this month blogtrain smiley
And an other one waiting for 500 likes smiley So spead the word smiley

Go HERE to read more about it smiley

New freebie on my blog and facebook page smiley Find it HERE

Thanks for the new freebie, I love it!

OMG! It is so generous of you, thank you so much, I simply love it smiley

I love your Sweet Sparkle kit but it's not on FB anymore. Is there somewhere else I could go and get it?

Hi Jessica, I'm cleaning up the Freebies section a bit and noticed that your thread title doesn't say whether your freebies are PU or CU or both... can you fix that or if you don't know how to fix it let me know which it is and I'll do it for you... your freebies are so great changing the heading might make it more likely for people to check out the thread if they know what kind of items are available.

Hope you're having a great day!

Btw I just picked up your geek kit it looks fabulous! Thank you.

The Geek kit is amazing! So many fun things in it. Thank you very much!

I tried to change the topic but then it got moved here because i couldn't see freebie as a choice.. Can someone please move it back for me smiley

Jessica, thank you for changing the topic name... I moved it back I think so hopefully it's where it belongs now... sorry it was problematic for you.

Thank you smiley

No problem Jessica, I'm just stoked that I actually knew how to fix