All kit prices cut in half

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All kit prices cut in half

As some of you know, the ability to download full kits at once was implemented only relatively recently. Full kits require a decent number of download credits to download, and are intended to be a "bonus" for people who donate to support Pixel Scrapper: people who don't wish to donate (or don't have the resources) can download most kit items individually for free as those items are uploaded (so you really can get just about everything on this site for free--for personal or commercial use: just not all at once).

The kit pricing is done automatically: basically the computer looks at how many items are in the kit, and then discounts the price of the kit relative to the download credits required to download the items individually. We're still working on the algorithm. To this point kits have required 60% of the number of download credits it would take to download the kit items individually. This seemed like a pretty good discount... still, we really want to give back as much as we can to people who donate to support the site, and some of the kit prices seemed a bit high to us.

So today Marisa and I are reducing the download credit price of all kits by 50%. That means that every kit will now cost only 30% the number of download credits it would take to download the included items individually (in other words, a 70% discount over individual item downloads).

Please realize that this site is still in beta, and this pricing scheme may not be final: we are in the process of experimenting. As always, our goal is to be as generous as we can be while still managing not to go bankrupt from hosting and bandwidth costs.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us by donating so far (if you would like to be one of them, you can donate here)! I hope you enjoy the new kit prices smiley

Wow, you two are so awesome!! Thanks so much. Your resources are invaluable!

That is just fantastic! Thank you sooooo much.
As I go around to collect all the alpha kits, I discover that I can no longer access the Superlatives Alpha.
I keep getting: "Access denied You are not authorized to access this page".

i'm running out of ways to tell you both how incredible you are and how amazing your generosity is. so thank you both once again for everything you continually do and know that it is a joy to donate to your site as i'm able! smiley

Thank you to the both of you for being so generous and such great hosts. Your talent is inspirational....Love it! God Bless.

Oh wow...thank you so much!! I went through and found a bunch of kits that I'd been hoping to get. I always purchase the commercial kits, so a discount on credits helped greatly. smiley

This is awesome!!! Thanks so much.

Thanks soo much!! smiley

Thank you so much Marisa and Jordan. I have a new plan for this year as I spent WAY too much on all my scrapbooking stuff last year (it needs to go to pay off the bills)! So I am cutting down how much I spend but I love all the templates that you offer here on the site. I also love this site and spend many hours in the forums and such. I still need to be more active in the gallery but I assure you that will come. So I have decided (unless our government gets greedy with our taxes) I am allotting myself $20 a month to spend at Pixel Scrapper. My Christmas gift was PS CS6 so I will really be spending a lot of time with all the tutorials. I love what you do for us and I appreciate how generous you are to us! Finally, thanks so much for the additional discount on the kits. There are a lot that I have looked at and on the first I donated again (wanted to be one of the first of the year with my banner!) so that I could pick some new templates up....and now with your generosity I can get even more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Amazing! Thanks so much for you effort and generosity!

It's like Christmas all over again! WOW! Thank you.

Marisa and Jordan:

for all that you've done and all that you do: Thank you!!! smiley smiley

Oh that´s so nice smiley Thank you both so much smiley

I don't need to tell you more about how amazing, kind, generous, etc. you are, others have already done that so I just need to say "I agree with them". But I will, however, tell you that your new initiative made me go directly to "Donate" so you can add good business sense to all your virtues smiley)


Thank you both so much!!! That's really sweet of you!!!

Wow, I am speechless - that is so kind & generous of you...

Very nice of both of you. Thank you

thank you for the price reduction!

Yeah! I'm on it! xoxox Beth

This is exciting news! Thank you both for your generosity.

Oh Wow yall are just to kind for words Thanks so much smiley

This is awesome news, thank you both so very much!

As always, your generosity knows no bounds. You guys are amazing and I am so lucky to have found this fantastic site. All the best to everyone at Pixel Scrapper for a great 2013!

Awesome!! Thank you both so much!!

Wow! Thank you both - what a nice surprise!

Thanks so much!

You two are the BEST!! smiley Thanks ever so much for your continual generosity, kindness and hard work.

Thank you for your generosity, kindness and hard work. Thank you for the price reduction!

Thank you so much!!! smiley

Thank you... that is awesome now to figure everything out so I can afford..

this is awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!