PLEASE VOTE: Freebie Postings

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PLEASE VOTE: Freebie Postings

We have an eventual plan for people posting their own personal freebies in a more organized fashion in a separate location, but implementing that may be a few weeks away. Some have suggested that the freebie threads are detracting from the actual discussion threads... So, until we can make a permanent solution we can either stop the current freebie postings in the digital scrapbooking forum, or we can let them go on as is until we get more organized (this isn't a knock on anyone's freebies, but just an attempt to keep the forums as useful as possible to everyone, as we work to make things better).

Please vote either:

YES: for keeping the freebie threads
NO: for closing them down for now

i know i am one who would like it to be cleaned up but i am more than willing to wait for the separate location. i think everyone is offering such great stuff it would be a shame for those who are taking advantage of the freebies to not have them. so i vote YES for keeping them till it can be cleaned up.

I vote YES for keeping them and looking forward to the new freebie forumsection smiley

I would love to see a place just for posting freebies. I love giving and grabbing freebies. I vote yes (well, duh since I love to post them).

I think it is okay to leave them until you're ready for them to be in a different location. YES

And thank you for asking our opinion instead of just yanking them. That's very nice of you!!! smiley

I also vote yes! smiley

Keep the threads smiley

I would like to see all freebie threads start with FREEBIE:
This should help to distinguish the threads

I vote YES until we start a new forum, which I have no problem helping with moderating it (if you need/want me to) since it is technically a spin-off of this forum anyways. And it wouldn't really take too much to manage it, just making sure everyone is being real and legit... since the freebie/gift givers will do most of the work. smiley

YES. I agree that it will be nice to have a separate forum, but it's fine for now, especially since the threads are appropriately labeled.


I would vote to leave them until the Freebies thread is open. Although I am looking forward to that because I like things visually orderly and they do kind of make the existing thread clunky to sort through.

I vote YES keep them as-is for now, because I was just getting ready to make a thread. smiley

I also keep my word on helping moderating freebies forum if needed XD

Yes. I really appreciate the guidelines that have the freebie threads start with FREEBIE, and have each designer post continuously in a single thread rather than creating new ones. I'm not personally distracted by the freebie threads but I am also fine with seeing them moved somewhere else.

Yes for a freebie forum. And yes for keeping them for as long as need be until the new forum is opened. And yes, Shawna I agree, since the freebie-forum would be kind of a spin-off of this one, I would be happy to help in moderating the new freebie forum also.

Yes for a special forum smiley

Yes, for a special forum. Thank you for asking our opinion, and also working so hard 24/7 to keep things organized and efficient.

I vote YES!

Yes, to a separate section of the forum, and YES on keeping them here until the change is made. Thank you for asking our opinion!

Yes for keeping until a separate section is opened. That is a great idea.

I am so happy to see the attitudes expressed here! smiley It feels good to be around people who are generous spirited and put others first. Y'all are wonderful! smiley

Content with whatever you decide. smiley

I will vote yes to keep them. I have no problem with the current process.

I vote yes to keeping the freebies.

What a FANTASTIC idea to have a separate area for freebies! I was the "first" one to start it all because of my "diary of becoming a designer" memoir I shared my lesson freebies. So I am content either way. Again I think that your idea of having a different location is fantastic! Neat and clean! Never would of thought of the idea, but love it. smiley

A vote of yes from me, too.

I vote yes! They are so inspirational and beautiful!! Thank you for asking our opinions smiley