Scavenger Hunt: Bedouin Nights

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Great idea and a beautiful kit, can't wait to get the last 2 parts, thanks so much for doing this.

I have just collected the last part - thank you for a lovely kit and the intro to some lovely sites which are new to me.

Thank You!!

Thank you for all the beautiful pieces... regrettably I didn't get the 16th's items. Never did find them on the one blog listed and I was signed up for the newsletter but never received it. Other than those two all the others are beautiful. Thank you again.

I'm not sure where to look on Viva's site...any hints?

Thanks alot of the beautiful kit, I manage to find every piece, now its time to play


I am a sad panda today (borrowed that phrase from my 7 yr old). I have collected every piece of this gorgeous kit, save one. I'm missing part 12. I signed up for the newsletter the same day I joined the forum. I eagerly checked my mail box several times yesterday. I even checked my junk box on the off chance it was snagged by the evil spam filter gods. No luck. I double checked, and I am signed up for the newsletter. Maybe I am missing something? Does the newsletter go out later in the month? Or failing that, will there be another opportunity to snag it at a later date? Any help would be appreciated.

Now that we are done, I want to repeat: "This is the best way EVER to get a free kit!". And the kit itself is fantastic. Thank you so much for both.


I cant seem to find the last part on the viva artistry blog. Any ideas? Thanks so much for this beautiful kit!! Loved the thrill of the hunt!

Found it. Just do a search for Pixel Scrapper on their site and ta-da! there it is.

As a couple of other people have mentioned, I didn't get a copy of the most recent newsletter - the last one I have from you is the 9th. I checked and am still subscribed. Shall I wait and see if the next one comes and report back if it is still not coming through?

I signed up for your newsletter - when do we get that portion?

On the ViVa Artistry site. Look for the link to the Renaissance Kit (under What's New). The last part of the Scavenger hunt is just after that post.

Thank you so much, Marisa. And, thank you to all of the wonderful designers who participated smiley


Thank you! I've got all of the parts. My newsletter came yesterday (10/16). I actually received it twice (different emails). I am still getting one from the old site when I signed up originally.

Thank you Marisa for the beautiful kit. Now I can put it all together.

@Anna - Thanks, was battling to find that part
And a HUGE thank you to Marisa for this most amazing kit

Thanks again Marisa so very very much for your generosity! I love the colors of this kit and it is HUGE!!!
Thanks for all the participators having the pieces hidden on their blogs, etc... Great scavenger hunt! smiley

Thank you so much Marisa. you always have good ideas !

Thanks so much for this beautiful kit.

Hi Marisa

I have unzipped all the files and put them together, what a beautiful kit, particularly the glitter overlays they are lovely.

Thanks again


Oh Marissa, what a marvelous idea. The kit is simply gorgeous and I thank you so much for making it available! What a treasure!!

Thank you everyone for a beautiful kit!!

I'm stuck on the very last treasure. I can't seem to find it at Viva Artistry? Hmm?

It was under the "What's New" tab....someone else posted earlier that they did a search on the page for pixelscrapper and was able to find it that way.

I too have signed up for the news letter checking every day and in my junk mail and nothing... how do we get the piece to complete our kit???
Please Help!

Thank you Marissa (and no doubt Jordan helped in some way smiley ) and to all of the other designers.
Beautiful kit

@GreyRaven: Marisa told me the other day in about a week she would resend the newsletter to all of us newbies so we could get part #12. So, I imagine since I've only been around for a couple days that it will be sometime next week she will do that for us. smiley

LOVE LOVE the color scheme! Thanks Marisa smiley

Tina - thanks! That worked! It is a little deceiving because the post that comes up after the search within "what's new" doesn't look like part of the scavenger hunt. However, I guess the last was even more of a "hunt" smiley

Thank you again Marisa! I forgot for several days and had to hop back for the rest of the beauties! smiley


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