Any paper crafters out there?

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Any paper crafters out there?

I have been making some Christmas thank you cards, and am not super happy with the adhesive I purchased, so was wondering what you all do so that your cards don't have that icky wavy look to them. Thanks!

I use something that, in Portuguese, is called "double-sided tape", from local brands. It´s like a regular, transparent tape, but has glue on both sides. No idea on how it´s called in English, however.

It' called double sided tape! I'll have to go pick some up! Thanks!

I've used the double sided tap on crafts and cards, not usually my scrapping though as it is not acid free and over time will probably cause some discoloring of the item it is attached to. This is just my opinion though.

I use THIS for papers etc
And i use THIS for embelishments etc
And i use THIS (glossy accent) for attachment of hard stuff like buttons etc smiley And it's amazing for letters and much more smiley

Ah, but if you look in the craft section or in the scrapbooking section you will find acid free double sided tape. Works great. As well as sticky dots and acid free glue, and repositionable glue.

I love papers - it reminds me of when I played paper dolls as a little girl

@Stevie: Thanks for the tip! I've usually looked in the photo frames section for it... and wondered why it didn't say acid free... smiley

I love bringing both crafts together.

There is also the foam dots that allow you to create a layered look, or 3D effect to your layouts or cards.

Thanks!! I'm heading to Michaels today, so will be on the look out!!

X press it double sided tape is acid free if that worries you smiley

I make cards and altered art ... I generally use glue dots or the strips, spray adhesive and modge podge. Tape runners don't typically last long on cards i've found out the hard way smiley Glue dots have a super hold to the papers and other embellishments that typically go on cards and they stay put even after being mailed!
I hope this helps smiley

Thanks. I always wondered the life of tape w/cards, I know they lay flat, but I wasn't sure beyond that. Thanks!

You are very welcome smiley

I found the best dry adhesive for my cards and scrapbooks is the acid free tape for the ATG (advanced tape glider). I buy it online from the Tape Depot and it is fairly inexpensive. I find its way better than any of the other tape runners or double sided tapes. I don't like using wet adhesive since most of it will warp your paper. I do use glue dots & either Zip Dry or Beacons 3in1 glue for embellishments. I also use pop dots (foam dots) for stuff I want raised up for a dimensional effect. Another inexpensive way to get a lot of glue dots is to use Aleene's Tack it Over & Over glue. Make little dots on a release sheet (left over from store bought glue dots) and let them dry over night. This way you can make them whatever size you want. For those of you who stamp, you can also use the Aileene's TIO&O on your unmounted stamps - a very thin coat applied to the back on the bare rubber and let dry over night - it will then stick to your clear acrylic blocks.

Thank you! I never would have thought of making glue dots from Aileen's Tack it. That is going to be a lot less expensive, especially for my kids school projects - they love to go through glue dots.

Wow! I had no idea how to make glue dots thank you so much!!! Now I just to get that glue LOL

Those kind that are in a tape-type dispenser, they come in a bunch of different colors indicating what they are for (i.e., cardstock, vellum), they are awesome, but you go through them very quickly (or at least I do)! They also have double-sided tape in different thicknesses...depending on how much dimension you want.

I do teabag folding...such an addicting craft..has anyone else ever tried it?

I've done some teabag folding. I really love it! Maybe someday I'll make some printable sheets for it.

Wow, never heard about it. Just googled and saw lots of cute things smiley

I've never heard of it either..I will have to check that out now!

I have a ton of printable sheets already made. I usually sell them on but I haven't listed any in a while....I like to make Christmas ornaments and cards with them.

I haven't done any tea bag folding for years. It is really pretty and makes really cute embellishments on your scrapbook pages and cards. I've even printed photos on thin paper and used those to do some folding. Along the same lines, I'd like to try iris folding too. So many crafts, so little time... *sigh*

Yes double sided tape is awesome! I use to buy it at my local craft store, however it was begin to get very costly so when I got into digital scrapbooking and photobook making I decided to give digital card making a wack and I love it. Once I have my card made in my editing software I print in onto the same texture of paper that I created the card on, and because i still have a ton of embellishments from time to time I will add extras to the printed card. Either way you go, a personalized card is always a lot nicer than a store bought one.

Yes I have done some T-bag folding in the past. I still use it on a card occasionally. As for glue, double sided tape here too with additional things for special purposes like the thick raised foam pads for 3d finishes or silicon glue and I like to use POWER PRITT gel in a silver tube but it's getting harder to find locally and I wonder if they may be discontinuing it. Shame - it holds metal and all sorts onto cards.