PSCS 5 vs PSCS 6

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PSCS 5 vs PSCS 6

So, I know there are a few of you that mentioned owning PSCS 6 already. I'm still using 3. I have an opportunity to get 5 cheaper than the upgrade price to 6... So I do it or just wait until I can afford 6 and not worry so much about it. How HUGE or the changes from 3 to 5 vs 3 to 6?

Any opinions will be helpful. smiley Thanks in advance for your help!

I would definitely upgrade to CS5. Although it's been awhile for me, and I don't remember everything about it, I seem to recall that the jump from 4 to 5 was substantial. I think that's when they added content aware and lots of other cool stuff. The jump between 5 and 6 was minimal. I would not wait until you can afford 6, it's not that much different.

CS3 was great when it came out. But going to 5 or 6 is a big jump.
There is another discussion covering the changes here, take a look at it.
Going to 5 you will see the content aware, red eye reduction, plus a lot more.
Going to 6 the content aware was reworked, as well as the crop tool, plus the following:
Here is a list of some of the new features:
UI redesign
Auto and background saves
Content-aware Patch and Move tools
Blur Gallery
Color Range: skin tone and face detection
Crop tool
Properties panel
Video support
Oil Paint filter
Auto correction settings
Adaptive Wide Angle filter
Type Styles
Printing UI

You can go to
and they have information about the features.

You can also go to for information about the new features.

Thanks Ladies! I just didn't know if it was worth it... but sounds like some things have been made easier even though it may throw me for a big learning curve going up to either. smiley

There is another discussion covering the changes here, take a look at it.

PS @ Judy: the other discussion here wasn't linked.... just in case someone later down the road reads this thread and can't find the exact post you are referring to. smiley

I would wait to upgrade to 6 smiley