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Okay, so did you think of snow or a Dairy Queen treat? LOL!

Today I am thinking snow! Yesterday, our Winter Storm Warning was cancelled and replaced with a Blizzard Warning. It started a couple of hours ago and not too much is happening other than high wind and some light snow but the bulk of the predicted 6-10 inches will fall between 8am and noon. And me, I was already off from work today so I get to kick back and enjoy.... Now let's just hope my power stays on!!!

You must be from close to where we are from. Same thing here...Ohio! I missed work on Wednesday due to the crazy weather and I woke up this morning to discover another 3 inches have fallen on top of the 8 we already have! Who wished for a White Christmas?!?!?!?! lol I'm ready for SUMMER! haha

We got some bad weather here in Ontario too. Today was milder but melted it a bit and made it slippery and slushy. Not fun to drive or walk in. I want summer now too.

I was actually thinking of World of warcraft smiley

@Jessica: LoL

I was thinking.... I sure would love a pecan cluster blizzard right now.... uh'hmmm yum yum good right down to the last chocolate covered pecan! smiley