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More options when viewing forums

Is there any way you can add a button to the Forums that allows you to see all new posts since your last visit? It would make it easier to participate and keep up with everyone, especially if you don't have a chance to visit every day. Also, a button to mark those forums as "Read" would be helpful as well (so the same results don't show up next time you visit).

Another helpful thing would be a button that allows you to see all posts you've made and another button for any threads you've started (maybe this could be something added to the profile area?). This way I can easily check to see if someone replied to something I posted, which would be especially helpful if I was looking for help with digiscrapping or my program (PSP).

Hi Lizanne, thanks for the suggestions. We've actually already implemented a couple of them.

Underneath the forums you'll see a "Forum Tools" dropdown that will allow you to see new posts (that you haven't yet opened), and also mark all as read:

Your other suggestions are also good, and I'll mark those for implementation at some point in the future...

Oh, thank you so much!

I haven´t seen this tool before Jordan! Thanks for showing us!

I was wondering if there could be notification if you've already downloaded an asset or template?
I'd hate to waste a credit on a previously downloaded item as some are so similar and I tend to forget what I have downloaded and haven't. I understand that it would be impossible to track this for templates/assets that were downloaded before the beta site became live.

I'm with you, Caryn, on the option to see if you have already downloaded from the new site.

That's a great idea Caryn! I use a folder system which makes looking for old downloads a bit of a pain.

Thank you Jordan! Hadn't notice that tool bar!

@Caryn, Mary: Notification of items you've downloaded is on the todo smiley

That's a great idea! The other day I was considering downloading something but opted not to because I thought I may have downloaded it in the past & I didn't want to waste my download credits...

Yay! Thank you Jordan smiley

I'm really glad this one's on the list to do... I was thinking after only one day, I'm going to quickly forget what I've already downloaded and click it a second time accidentally. Oh the joys of getting older and our minds getting crowded hanging on to ALL that WISDOM we've already gained! smiley LoL

Some people have mentioned it before, but a quick fix right now is to "heart" an item you've downloaded (you can unheart things later on, even if that feels sad smiley ). Or you can leave a comment.

@Marisa: LoL what would be funny is how we get the little Yay! when we heart it now... if we got a Boo! if we had to unheart it later. LoL

Maybe I'm the only one who would like this... but is there any way to increase the amount of assets-thumbnails on a single page? There are not a lot of thumbs on a page now, but somehow I always prefer scrolling down a lot over 'scrolling-going to next page-scroll-go to next page again-scroll'...etcetera. Especially when looking for that particular cute button or flower.... By the way, I love love love the extended ways of sorting through the assets!

@Melo: It's on the to do list!

Maybe have the option of how many thumbs to display. eg 20, 50, 100
I know when my download speed is reduced I prefer fewer thumbs as it's less loading time.

Is there a way to SEARCH the forums? I tried, but the search went to galleries and assets.