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Attn: Support Requests

It's been a busy month here over the holidays! We have been getting your support requests, both here and by email. We were hoping to come back from vacation this week, unfortunately Jordan has done something to his back and may or may not be able to reply to you as soon as we had hoped. So please be patient and know that we have seen your request and hope to reply to them as soon as we can.

So sorry Jordan is not feeling well. Hope his back is restored and heals up soon.
Let us know if there's anything extra we moderators can do to help y'all out. smiley

smiley Back problems can be terrible! I hope it´s nothing serious...

Wishing Jordan a speedy recovery!

hoping he will be ok, back problems can be absolutely horrid smiley

How is he doing now? Better, I hope?

Thanks guys: yes, I am doing better smiley

I hope your back gets better soon.