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Download Problems

Hi there! I LOVE your site. Marisa, you are so talented! I always have a problem when I try to download. Can you help? I use Win 7 on a Dell. My browser keeps blocking my downloads (It's a security message that comes up) so when I download an asset (for example- a one DC asset), because I have to click to allow the download, a one DC asset, actually costs me 2DC! It's really annoying because I want to get as many goodies as possible, but my allocation is effectively halved! I also have MacAfee Security on my PC. Please can you tell me how to stop losing my credits? Kindest regards and A Happy New Year! Issy

Sorry to hear about your trouble. I would try using a different web browser if I were you. Which browser are you using currently? I would suggest getting Google Chrome from this website: .

Let me know if you continue to experience this problem. For now I've gone ahead and given you 50 bonus download credits to help make up for your troubles.

Best wishes!

Thank you Jordan for your advice and also the extra download points. I really appreciate it - and so sorry for taking so long to respond - Unfortunately, I have been ill in bed! Issy xo