Weekly Challenge - Scraplift - Deadline Jan 10

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Weekly Challenge - Scraplift - Deadline Jan 10

This week's challenge is a scraplift. There are so many great ideas in this layout by Christine Newman, I'm sure you'll find something to inspire you.

Important Details

Due Date: Jan 10, 2013 noon (UTC/GMT +3 hours)

Tag: challenge scraplift jan 10 2013
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

What does it mean to scraplift?

Emily - to scraplift means to look at someone else's layout, and make a layout of your own very similar to that. Kinda like what Amy has done. We have all seen lovely layouts in galleries that we have inspired us and that we would like to replicate with our own stories, so... smiley

i may or may not give this a try myself, coz i'm a big photos person. The very point of scrapping, for me at least, is to showcase the photo, so unless i'm trying to tell a story with photos over 3 or 4 frames, i tend to use 1 or 2 very large photos and let them be the focus of my layout. But as i type, i sense ideas brewing upstairs....

Hi Emily and Diana,
In a scraplift you can copy a layout in whole or in part. It doesn't mean you have to stay close to the original, you can just take one or more idea/inspiration from another persons layout to use in your own page. For example: use the same words in a title or the title design, use the same color scheme, a unique technique, a photography idea or maybe the same paper combinations and/or elements. So you could still do a big photo layout if you wanted to, Diana. But then again, it is an extra challenge to step out of your comfort zone... smiley Looking forward to your layouts, girls!

Ok! I think I've got it! Thanks!

I have been meaning to do a layout filled with arrows, so this scraplift was just the little push I needed! I had the photoblend-collage ready for weeks, I just needed inspiration for the surrounding layout... Obviously I went with the arrows (maybe I went a little overboard on this one smiley) and I copied the border around the edges. I wanted to do a fun layout and I think I might have succeeded smiley

Description: Two best friends on an afternoon photoshoot... and one of them just can't sit still! It's in the gallery here.

Here'e my scrap lift...

and the link to it in my gallery!

Arrows are a favorite design element I use on my pages!

Ok, so this is my 1st submission to a challenge. I hope I do it right smiley I also decided to copy the use of the arrows and scrapped our "flood".

Great layout Jenny!

You can actually link to the actual gallery page, instead of just the image (I linked your image here, so if you click on it you'll see what I mean). Then people can more easily heart it or leave a comment.

Also, anything between 500-600 pixels will fit easily in the forum and is easier for people to see.

Here is my submission for the challenge. Had fun with it, I stayed pretty true to the original layout.

By the way I am using IE8 and am having a heck of a time with forums...it is almost crashing the pages and continually asks me to stop using scripts. It posted my reply before I even finished typing it.

Don´t worry Jennifer, I´ve deleted that post you accidentally submited. Now lets go to my picture: What caught my eye was the border pretending to be an air mail envelope, so I deceided to desing one that looked like Brazilian air mail. Then, I thought what kind of picture would suit it; I thought at first on some pretty landscape, so I´d use the theme postcard. But, when I found out those pics from Ronny Peppers looking at the box that just arrived from mail I thought it was perfect, which made me keep on going with my Ronny´s Diaries pages. It´s the first one of his series that I don´t make using only PU elements, but I´ll forgive myself for doing this. Also got inspired by the way she put the pics together, and used some arrows.

You can see my layout in detail here:

On time: I guess it´s the first time I used the colors of my country´s flag on a layout... I don´t like too much that combination...

Thanks Lorien!

I really like your layout...I actually think the flag colors are a good combination...but maybe that's because my state's football team has the same colors smiley

Here's my scraplift. details about it are included in my gallery. Thank you!

Here's mine:


All the arrows should probably point up, but what fun is that? smiley

My first challenge attempt, and first layout uploaded.

Love seeing the many different layouts.

Thanks everyone for participating! Such great layouts! I've given you all 10 community points and congrats to Laura for winning the random drawing. Don't forget to leave some love for all the entered layouts.

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