where are you in your avatar picture

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where are you in your avatar picture

I´m very curious about each one´s avatars. Some of them have very pretty backgrounds! So, where did you take your avatar picture?

*****Note: This comment refers to a previous avatar - see more about the new one on coment #83***

Mine was taken on a temple of Messianic Church, in São Paulo, Brazil. It´s a huge open air temple, surrounded by a very beautiful park. If it´s not the most beautiful place I´ve ever been, is for sure one of them.

Mine was taken in my office just last month. And I have retired now, so that is the last photo I shall take in that office. Very surreal experience for me, to have worked all of my life since my early teens, until now. But, I am on to new adventures, so I shall always be busy and pursuing new and exciting goals! Who knows, I may chose to go back to College to learn new things! I've been looking at the "Coursera" website lately - lots of free courses there. But, I like mixing it up in the actual classroom, too. Nothing beats the energy sitting next to young and intelligent students in the class.

Mine has almost no background smiley But I'm at my desk in my old townhouse. My daughter, then 5 or 6 (now 9) took it. I had to turn it black and white because the coloring was horrible due to her bizarre photography methods. smiley

LOL - I cropped OUT the background in mine! I think it was a photo of my husband and I from Christmas that turned out really good - but I needed the background to be neutral so I could use it as an avatar!

lol I was at work when I took the pic. In our break room.

I was at a Partylite Convention when I was a consultant. There were four of us in the pic but I cropped it to show just me! It was from about 7-8 years ago (before an extra 20 lbs and a few years older) and one of my best ever!

In my backgarden, trying desperately to hold on to my two struggling kids so we could all be in the picture together, haha!

Where i always is, infront of the computer smiley

We had traveled south to visit relatives & took a break at a park nearby...

Mine was taken in front of the Lennon Wall in Prague.

My bedroom... LOL... After a drunken night... Attempted to dress myself up as Britney Spears smiley... Still unsure why I am wearing the sunglasses seeing as it was dark outside when I took the picture! haha smiley!

We were out for a walk by the beach with our new puppy. It was a beautiful evening with an amazing sunset!

I am usually the one taking the pictures, so there are not many pictures of me. I had just scanned this one. It is the one taken the year I graduated, so it is an early picture of me. One of these days I will update the picture. Very busy at the moment.

Mine was at a Christmas fair in Hasselt, Belgium. The cutie is my daughter, Luna.

That is one of my horses - his name is Coal - we're riding in a horse show, and that was the second to last jump. If you could see my face you would notice the relief on my face that I made it through the course, it's always a little nerve wracking when you have to jump in front of a judge and a lot of people.

I was at home, trying to make some pictures of ...well...me....

I was on our annual Woman's Retreat from my church, at a wonderful place called El Carmelo. They grow oranges, and I am standing in front of one of the many orange trees they have on the grounds.

Mine was take the last time I was able to go out for a weekend away to the Washington State coast in 2009. It's taken on a look-out spot over the dunes towards the sea. I just stept out of my wheelchair and grabbed my pup so hubby could take a pic. There is a wonderful path all the way through the dunes where I could ride my wheelchair and so enjoyed the sea and sunset. Most of the times I am not in the photos because I am the one taking them ;-)I still had hair in that photo, although not much, after that weekend I relapsed my hair fell out again and I haven't been om romantic weekends anymore.
I normally do not use photos of myself as avatar because I had some negative comments about my bald head so I pretend I still look like in the photo taken 4 years ago.

I was at the Morteratsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps with some friends. It was in summer, but it was cold, so we had to wear warm clothing. But it was overwhelming..

I was in my yard. My hubby and I were going to a wedding. My daughter took the pic of us. I think it's the last time we had our pic taken together and it was 3.5 years ago. Of course, I cropped him out of it to use as my avatar. smiley

Hi friends,
My avatar was taken in Rome. The Vatican is behind and to the left of me, there are just restaurants and shops on the right. I loved Rome but not as much as Paris. I can't wait to visit Paris again! Love seeing everyone else's avatars! smiley Thanks for sharing them!

I also do not get many good pics of myself. This one that I use as my avatar and profile pic most often is cropped from a photo taken on our son's wedding day. I should really be looking out for an update soon as I have been wearing my hair a bit longer for a number of months now.

Mine was taken at the Arizona Renaissance Festival as the sun was setting. I am actually sitting next to a fairy, hence all the glitter. smiley

I'm in front of our fireplace, under the two skylights, with my son in our living room. I'm amazed and SO thankful to GOD, each time I think of it. My husband and I purchased this our first home 3.5 years ago. God brought us to this house, and has answered prayer after prayer and kept us here...even after my husband lost his job 10 months after we purchased. We continue to live on his income, and have only by God's grace through these last years been able to stay here, even as he found and lost several temporary jobs. We are getting ready to take another step of Faith and charge ahead to pull him out of working factory, and back into more ministry.

Love the topic! Thanks for another chance to ponder and remember how blessed we are!

My avatar is from a picture of my mom and I on my brother's wedding day... the wedding reception was outside and of course it was rainy all day... I don't remember if you can see the baby mountains in the background of the avatar but the reception was held in my Brother's in-laws field in back of thir house and they have a beautiful view of the mountains from there... of course this was also the weekend that my aunt told me and my mom that we (Massachusetts and New England in general) have such cute little baby mountains compared to the ones she's used to in Utah...lmao... they're still pretty though!

My avatar was a photo taken last year in March when my last granddaughter was born so I have my three precious granddaughters in the photo with me. It was in the unit where this little family were renting at the time. They now live in their brand new huge home by the ocean.

My avatar is a family pic that I crop to get only my face... Here is the complete picture.

wow.. fabulous topic! I found it so interesting, and loved seeing all of the responses

Mine was taken in a studio.. with my grandson. (First grandchild)

I am usually behind the camera, so I am rarely in front of.... (Our daughter wanted photos of us with him)
and sadly, I rarely like photos of me... crazy, I know smiley


I am in my backyard in my photo though you can't see much of what there is, lol.

hi everybody,

although we can't see it very well, I'm in an old french car, a Citroen Deesse, on our wedding day last november. It was beige inside and black outside. we also took the photos in an aerodrome with a little plane and the car for background. It was very nice and not too common !

trying again to post the photo smiley