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this is out my bedroom window

Oh my gosh!! Must be freezing. I wouldn't want snow that badly.

Thanks for sharing the photo. C:

(I'm from Texas)

Beautiful smiley I hope the snow we have here gets to stay over christmas smiley

wow! i live in the Philippines and although i have been to a ski resort and walked in thick snow, i have never experienced falling snow. i want to experience that some day although i know it will be somewhat uncomfortable for me. enjoy your white Christmas!

That's what it looked like outside this morning here! I was so excited (love snow), but then the rain came & melted it all away again. smiley I don't want a green Christmas! It's plain unnatural for northern New England!

Looks like the kind of rain and snow I used to see on Long Island where I grew up. Love the picture. Thanks.

We need snow here in Alaska, to warm us up! This morning it was -9F, so I am grateful for warm fuzzy socks and steaming cups of hot chocolate!

-9 degrees !?!?!?! and I was whining about the "feels like" 34 we had here walking around to see Christmas lights tonight in the park. I am soooo s southern girl. smiley I only like lots of cold and snow when I'm skiing. smiley

I miss snow smiley Our last winter in the US gave us lots of snow, we're lucky if we see rain here in the desert.

LOVE the snow! We got about 6 inches here after Christmas, but it's melting away now...
This is my neighbor's trees...

(you can click on the thumbnails to see the full size pic)

And our dog coming back in from patrolling the backyard... smiley

The snow clings to his long fur and makes little snowballs in the fur!

Oh Mags, I love your dog with the snow on him! Priceless pic!

Thanks, Janet - isn't that a cute picture?! Of course, I had to pull off all of those snowballs before he went inside!!

It´s very cute Maggie smiley

He's cute, Mags.... What breed & how old is he?

He's an American Cocker Spaniel - black and tan. We adopted him from a shelter when he was two - so he's around 5 now. smiley

It's a whiteout right now here. I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow and post them. I love the snow (as long as I don't have to drive or walk in it) lol!

Aw...he's adorable. Thanks for the snow pics!

crazy ... we're supposed to get 15cm tomorrow ... i'm terrified, lol.