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we just bought a stationary bike so i'm hoping to get healthier this 2013. maybe 30 minutes on the bike, 3x a week would be a doable resolution (i did it while watching the news). and post something on my blog at least 2x a week. hmm, i don't know if that's doable, we'll see.

Like many of you one of my goals is to be healthier in all aspects of my life - physically, mentally & spiritually - I know working on this will make me happier overall.

Another goal I have is to finish some projects that I started!

My resolution this year is to loose weight! I had thyroid cancer a few years ago and now take levothyroxin to suppliment the hormone, but I forget to take it some times and it leaves me wiped out! so I've been trying to come up with a system to where I'll remember (haven't found one yet that works, since I'm supposed to take it in the AM), but I'm having a hard time finding a weight loss supplement that will work with the medication smiley
I finally found a work out that I got last night that proves to be awesome!!! It's the Insanity Work Out DVD's! A lot of good reviews! So I'm going to be starting that here soon and eating more veggies and fruits and less soda's! I've already cut out fried foods and I don't really like candy as I've got bad teeth from having cancer 3 times and the treatments I had endure. So there's a plus! No Candy smiley

My resolution is to learn to use Photoshop! I so glad that I found this site!

Remember how I initially said that my 2013 resolution was to make no resolutions (because I figured it was one resolution I could keep); and then later on (maybe a few days later) I finally came up with a something that I could work toward -- improving my health. Well, little did I know how much that was going to ring true or how much work it was going to take... I was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes on Friday... smiley A lot of things are going to have to take a backseat now (like digiscrapping, for instance) as I learn how to come to terms with/deal/manage this... I'm not taking it very well.......especially because I already have enough health problems I'm dealing with (some of which you are already aware of, so I won't go into them again), and this just feels like the "straw that broke the camel's back," if you know what I mean... Any prayer would be greatly appreciated...

So sorry to hear that Lizanne. I will keep you in my prayers.

Thank you, Marisa - you don't know how much I appreciate that... smiley

*Hugs Liz*

This is so sad smiley I have to tell that, on those months of virtual knowing, I alredy like you so much smiley I don´t really know what to say, but wanted to post to share some love....

Realy want to join you on this thought, defnitely a healthier lifestyle!!!

Aww... thanks so much for the hug, Lorien - I like you a lot, too. smiley

At first I wasn't sure if I should post anything about it (as it's kind of a depressing subject), but I thought people might want to know why I may be missing at times or why I may not be as active in here as I once was (didn't want people thinking something had happened to me, that I didn't like the site anymore or anything like that). Figure it could take a while before I get the hang of things & what not. smiley It's gonna be a whole new way of life for me and my family - a lot of changes...

Right now I'm in wait mode - waiting for the nutritionist to call me & set up a time to discuss all things diet... If I haven't heard from her by the end of the week, I'm going to call my doctor's office & ask them for the nutritionist's name and number so I can call them. After I've implemented whatever dietary changes they suggest, my doctor wants to meet with me and talk about Step 2 - unsure what that will be at this time, but it may involve glucose monitoring? All I know is she is thinking I won't have to take any meds or insulin at this time based on my A1C result - she thinks a change in diet & exercise should get my glucose levels where they need to be (hope she's right).

The diet part sounds like it's going to be a lot of work from things I've read - besides removing certain things from my diet & adding others, I know there will be a lot of package studying, and probably food journaling so I can make sure I don't go overboard & mess up my glucose levels. I have a feeling it's going to cause me to look at food in a different way, too - like certain vegetables won't be considered vegetables to me anymore & might be off limits (i.e. potatoes), and for everything I eat I'll be having to look up things like how many carbs are in it, how many sugars, what the portion sizes should be, and how much of that food I am allotted for each meal/per day. Makes my head spin just thinking all about it... I hope I can find some sort of local support group and/or mentor - it would probably help me cope better...

Good luck with the new food lifestyle! It seems encouraging that it's something you can monitor and control yourself, with enough practice. Let us know if we can help by recommending recipes, etc!

@Lizanne You might want to Google "Paula Deen" - I believe that she was diagnosed last year and had to change her lifestyle drastically - Southern cooking "queen." I just today saw a magazine at the store and I guess she has lost 40 lbs and her two sons almost that much. As she is a chef and well know foodie, my guess would be that she might have new recipes regarding diabetes. Oh, I just looked it up, here's the link:

I wish you the best in all this and my prayers have been an will be with you. Please feel free to share your progress with us as we are concerned for you!

Thanks so much Marisa & Janet.... smiley Will definitely be checking out that link, for sure! smiley

My resolution has been to focus more on friendships. I was out of the country for 2 years ... and lost touch with many of my friends. So its time to get back in touch and make new friends.

One of my resolutions was to make a birthday card for everyone in our Emergency Room for their special day. So far, so good. I'm a little ahead! smiley

@ Lizanne... how about drinking some herbal remedies first? It's not working directly like medicines but it have some micronutrients and antioxidants that can help our metabolisms and make us healthy...
Maybe you can discuss with your nutritionist first... For your information, my uncle have diabetes too and he also drinks noni fruit juice and got some improvements for his glucose levels...
This is information about noni fruit from wikipedia

Thank you, Scarlett! smiley I'll look into that...

My big goal was to get back to losing weight after a rut over christmas, it's hard to find motivation to keep going though when all you want is a chocolate bar lol.

I hate New Years and the resolutions that go with them.