Get photoshop cs2 for FREE :)

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Get photoshop cs2 for FREE :)

Just found this smiley Could be a great way of getting to know if photoshop is for you smiley

If you follow the link it takes you to Adobe's web site. It does offer CS2 for download as well as a key code to use. It is an earlier version of Photoshop and a possible alternative to be able to try Photoshop before spending any money.

I have cs6 myself so i havn't tried to download smiley But here is codes that should work:

Mac: 1130-0412-8377-1896-9751-5759
Win :1130-1414-7569-4457-6613-5551

Hope that helps smiley

Oh they are NOT piratecodes they are from Adobe themself smiley

It appears to be a way of Adobe getting you to use Photoshop and introducing you to the Cloud.

Yeah i think so smiley It's a great way for people who doesn't know if it is what they want to try it smiley

Sadly, if you have a newer Mac OSX (I have Mountain Lion), it won't work. Blergh!

Reading through the site, it looks like Adobe's rational was just to continue support for people still on that software...but man, what an awesome side-effect! I was running CS2 until pretty recently, and while the newer versions have added a few cool bells'n'whistles (content-aware move! woo! smiley), it's honestly still a great representation of what Photoshop is capable of. My PC has been upgraded piecemeal here and there, but had no trouble running CS2 on XP, Windows 7, or 8.

Was using an old student copy of CS2 up until about six months ago, when my shop started bringing in enough that I could afford a Photoshop subscription. (Which takes some digging to find through their website, they try to push bundles on you - but I did some math, and at $30/mo, with auto-upgrades to new versions when they're released, is actually a better deal than buying a new copy outright! Deal's even better if I can save enough to pay for a year up front, lol.)

Joyce I have OSX and couldn't get it to work either - sigh. I was so excited ~ I feel really limited running PSE smiley

Taking a look at the Mac information
Mac OS X v.10.2.8–v.10.3.8. PowerPC® G4 or G5 processor

There is a YouTube video that may help.
How to get and install Photoshop CS2 on Mac Lion or Mountain Lion

If you are able to get CS2 installed, there is an update that you can install.

Thank you Judy! I'm going to take a look at that - I really appreciate it smiley

Hummmm...... I use PSCS5 to edit and scrapbook, but it's on our "main" computer. When I purchased CS5, I got the electronic copy.. so it's only on that one computer. Maybe I'll get the free CS2 and put it on my laptop.... so I can still edit and scrapbook if I'm not at home (ex: when on vacations, etc) CS2 might be a huge step backwards, but even an early edition of PS is better than none at all....

Tracey, your copy should still be in the saved file, if so than you can still install it on your laptop. Your license allows you to use on one computer at a time, but you can install on more than one. Which means while you are using Photoshop on your desktop you cannot use on your laptop, or while using on your laptop you cannot use on your desktop. This has been a policy of Adobe for as long as I can remember and has not changed.

Use a portable drive to copy the file or go back to your email and click on the download link to download another copy. Use the same registration as used on the first install.

AWESOME share. I have been using Paintshop Pro since 2004 but this will give me an opportunity to try Photoshop which I have been wanting to do. Thank you for posting.

I've downloaded and have been playing with it more since some of the brushes, patterns, and actions that I've downloaded aren't compatible with my old trusty Photoshop 7. I really don't see that much difference except it's got a few more keyboard shortcuts than I'm used to and I can't use ctrl+z to undo multiple steps. Took me a while to figure out that it's ctrl+alt+z. smiley It's getting easier though and it may be enough to convince me to get the latest edition. Thanks for sharing this link!

That is fairly accurate Elizabeth. PSCS was technically version 8 and CS2 (ver 9) so the BIG changes happened in versions 4-6 that everyone raves about now. But CS2 was what I've used since first starting in PS7, it was my only upgrade until about 4 weeks ago and I finally got a discounted version of CS5, now wishing I would've waited to afford CS6 since I'll be relearning so much already. smiley

Elizabeth: ... I really don't see that much difference except it's got a few more keyboard shortcuts...

Thank you for the link, just downloaded CS2 as I have some actions that only work in CS and not CS6, thanks again.