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Create Panoramas

Have you ever taken a series of pictures and wanted to create a panorama with them?

If you go to Adobe's web site you will find instructions on how to create a panorama.

If you try this out I would love to see what you produced.

Jordan is slightly obsessed with taking panoramas. We have a weird deal going where he takes most of the photos and then I edit them. So I love the easy Photoshop panorama maker. Here are a few of my favorite panoramas:

Temples of Angkor

360 Panorama of Brussels

Rainbow Over Prague

Vertical Panorama in Taiwan

If you want to see more, they're all here.

Love them.

Here are a couple of shots taken in December near Tombstone, Arizona, USA.

I used a layer style to create the border.

Love the pictures

Wow...I have never thought to do a vertical panorama...that is one of the coolest things ever. As soon as it is warmer than -5 out, I will be giving it a shot! smiley