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JPEG Category in Templates

I just found the amazing gallery of templates offered, yeah!! However, as I was searching through them all and would click on one I liked, I'd be disappointed to find it was just PSD format. That got me thinking it would be really nice if JPEG was a category to click on just like the number of photos, etc. Then I could quickly find the ones I can use since I'm not a Photoshop user. Just a suggestion.

Kimberly: Forgive my lack of knowledge, please... but how in the world do you use a jpeg as a template on a layout... or are you referring to just the background paper templates?

Sorry, I thought I saw some of them, but after looking again, I only found one PNG templat (not that I looked at all of them). Anyway, from what I've discovered, templates are either PSD or PNG/JPEG formats. The PNG/JPEG formats work in Storybook Creator, as just elements that you can load together to make a page template or replace and modify your template. So I guess this suggestion is a little mute since there aren't many of the others anyway. smiley

Well... we'll wait and see how Jordan & Marisa respond to this as it would be their final decision. I know some times when we want something new... Jordan will start a thread to see how many people it would be useful for before implementing intense changes. So, give it time. Maybe if enough people use storybook... then it may become an option in the future.

I saw your other thread about others that use it so I'm sure they will watch that thread to see the response to how many people. smiley

I just may have an idea in my head that just might work for you so give me a day to "try" it out and I'll come back here tomorrow night or Wed Morning and let you know if it will work. OK? smiley but... I think my idea just might work for you and other Storybook users. smiley

@Kimberly: Okie Dokie,
This is the solution that I’ve come up with for you to make Marisa’s templates useful for you to use in Storybook Creator and other programs that use only the jpeg. A few weeks ago someone told me about a program called FastStone Image Viewer. Well, this program will work perfect for you to convert the layered psd files to jpeg without having/owning PhotoShop. Whooo Hooo!

So, here’s the basic tutorial.
1) Download FastStone Image Viewer here and Install it onto your PC or Mac.
2) Within your “PixelScrapper Templates” download Folder, create an empty New Folder called “Jpeg Templates”
3) Open FastStone. In the top left corner, find the folder your templates are in. Then on the right highlight the psd templates you want to convert to jpegs.
4) At the top click the Tools, then Batch Convert Selected Images. A new dialog window will come up. In the lower left side change the output to jpeg format. Check Output folder and then click browse & find the folder you created earlier named Jpeg templates.
5) Uncheck Use Advanced Options, Uncheck Rename, CHECK Keep Original Date/Time, CHECK Ask Before Overwrite
6) Now is time for the magic: Click Convert & Let it happen! Once it’s done, click Done

Now exit the program and go find your folder with your new Jpeg copies of the templates. NOTE: There are several conversion options… PNG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, GIF, PDF -- Hope this is going to be major helpful for you being able to use the templates here at the site!

Thank you so much, Shawna! Since the reply to my other post was really lacking, lol, it looks like I'm the only Storybook Creator user here. smiley I really appreciate you taking the time to find and test this option out. I'll try it myself today or tomorrow (playing catch up from the holidays now that kids have gone back to school today.)

Shawna, I use an uncommon scrapbook software - My Digital Studio - by Stampin' Up. I've had it ever since it came out 3 or 4 yrs ago and it was fairly expensive. I hadn't used it really until just recently. Of course, knowing what I know now, I would buy something else, but it is what it is. This FasStone Image Viewer seems like it would be helpful for me too, however when I went to their page, it looks like it's only for PC. smiley Do you know of anything comparable for a Mac? Which is also free?

@Joyce: I have a vague recollection of someone mentioning a similar program for Mac users back when I and others were looking for one for the PC. I'm going to post about this as a question over in the Digital Scrapbooking Discussion forum and see if someone else can answer this quickly for you. If it's not answered by tomorrow night... I will sift through the older posts myself and try to find the answer for you if I can. I'll come back here and leave the direct link to the new post so you can watch it too for answers. smiley

eta: Here's the direct post asking for help. Maybe someone with a younger mind than mine will remember easier. smiley LoL

@Joyce: I'm looking, I promise... I just can't find where we talked about this. So, I may go to the internet & google to see if I can find anything for you. smiley

@Joyce: OK here's what I've found:

If you're doing just one or a few. Apparently according to this tutorial you can do it with in the programs you already have. I can't verify as I don't own a Mac but it may help with your onsie twosie conversion from psd to jpg.

I'm looking for a program that does batch conversion for you... I'll come back and post it if I find one. smiley

I found this program in the itunes store but it costs $3.99 and I can only trusts it does what the page says it does. smiley