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My precious LOL

Not a very good photograph from my cheap cellphone, but this is my fur-baby Zoe. She is a Chiweenie and my daughter-in-law found her on the side of the road when she was barely old enough to have been weened. I like to say that she rescued me because she has brought such joy, laughter and love into my life at a time when I was feeling very down in the dumps. Here she is sitting on her rump with her favorite blanket. When she does this I call her "circus dog".

This was my fur baby. She has been waiting patiently at the Rainbow Bridge for four years now and I still miss her.
[img]Tessa - 1991-2009 by Magnolia5777/Phyllis, on Flickr[/img]

It may take me a while - I still don't have any good pictures of the siameses I adopted in the last 1-3 years - but here's a picture of the one who had my heart (I was his "person"). He was a blue-point siamese & what they call an "apple-head" (or traditional) siamese...

Guinness is beautiful! I love chocolate labs!

Here is my furry baby!


This is Mokey he is a Shitzu crossed with a poodle, however he looks nothing like his siblings he does look like the two pure breed Cavalier Spaniels in the neighbourhood!!

Awww, he´s so cute! What a precious!

Thank You Lorien we think he's pretty special!!

The little one is mine and the birthday boy is my cousin's. For the record, my cousin (not me) put my dog on her table to reach the cake better.

Awesome picture Mindy!

The dropbox link isn't working, but you can see them in my avatar anyway. smiley

Oh I just love seeing everyone fur babies need to post mine thanks for sharing love the family waiting patiently for Daddy to share some cheese photo that is a awesome shot

Here is my fur babies. The Great Dane thinks she is a lap

my Katie, this was her 11th christmas with us, hoping she lives many more

Dawn and Vicki what cuties Mindy ... Mindy love the birthday picture they had to celebrate to Dawn my niece has 2 Great Danes and they think they are lap babies too. I have to laugh at her she complains she has no room in bed but with babies that size in bed no wonder she has no room .. but both are sweet as can be most of the time I am scared of big dogs till I get to know them .. most tries to knock me over but those two are comical

here is Jovi "Joey " the black one with Conan " Coney " I have always had dachshunds and I had two but I had to let my oldest go last of April of 2014 it broke my heart he was a rescue like Joey he was with me very long time I am trying to get Joey over Anxiety & Behavior problems and he hates to be petted plus with him being stubborn does not help either but I will keep working with him he is letting me pet on him a little more and he came up to me the other day rolled on his back wanting his first belly rub I tried to add a picture but the picture button will not let me add it all I see is X and no insert or anything after I add the picture url so I will post the link url of the picture

Bev: Just to let you know, I only edited to fix your picture so people could see it. smiley shawna

The big boy is Chicken Noodle, 'Noodle' or 'NooNoo' for short. And if you look close, you'll see the little one, her name is BBQ Chicken, or just 'BeBe'. Our newest rescue is named Moo Shu Chicken, or just Moosh.

We also had Chicken Hawk, Chicken Nugget, Rosemary Chicken, and Lemon Chicken over the last 30 years - we're on the second generation of naming pets Chicken-something. A strange but fun family tradition! smiley




Can I still show furbabies if they aren't mine and/or are wild "pets". smiley

Our yangest kitty Maxim on his first go out

My dumbo rat Rhino (:

This is our fuzzy jerk Duke - aka the Baron von Fuzzytoes. He's special needs - he has epilepsy and has had multiple other illnesses in his lifetime. He is very food motivated, we were able to train him to sit on command and we were about 80% towards having him speak on command when we had our child. Once we had the baby, the training slacked off.

This is DaisyMae, our first pound puppy. We had to have her put down 3 years ago due to kidney failure. This was the last picture taken of her. She was a sweetie!!

This is Lil Bit and Anabelle (the fur ball to the right). We got Lil Bit from someone who could no longer keep him and Anabelle from a rescue organization. Unfortunately, we had to give them up due to my allergies going bezerk. An older lady took Lil Bit & my mom took Anabelle.

Wow, so many great and beautiful animals.

So sorry, Tina. Our dog has only been a part of our family for six months but I cringe to think how his loss would make us feel already. He owns a pieces of our hearts.

Here is my fur baby. His name is Wilson. He is a Silkie Terrier we adopted from the Buddy Foundation. He is seven years old (give or take) and has about three teeth left on each side. He is frisky, cuddling and could lick a person to death, and we love him madly.

We have 4 fur babies--all were rescued as feral kittens.
Wiggles is 5, Bear 4, and the step-brothers Max & Yoda are 3 years old.

This is our Furbaby Jess smiley She's an Alsation-Lurcher cross and we love her to bits x

I thought I had posted two pics but neither is showing up...they did show up in the preview. I will try again.

The pic above is Penny, so named because when she sits up she looks like a penguin. She does tricks: sit, shake hands, sit up, high five...anything for a treat.
This pic is Rocky, named by children who do not understand gender appropriate names. She is an old lady now...20+ years, but is still a sweet, loving furbaby.