Help: Program like FastStone for Mac Users

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Help: Program like FastStone for Mac Users

Hey there ladies & gents! We have a user that needs our help. While getting info about FastStone from someone around here a little while back... (Sorry I can't remember who exactly shared this info with us) I remember that someone mentioned a similar program for Mac Users to do batch converts. I unfortunately don't remember the name of said program and our fellow scrapper Joyce needs a program to convert files from psd to jpeg/jpg.

Does anyone off the top of their pretty little head smiley remember what program this was and where she might find it?

Thanks in Advance for your assistance!

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@Joyce: OK here's what I've found:

If you're doing just one or a few. Apparently according to this tutorial you can do it with in the programs you already have. I can't verify as I don't own a Mac but it may help with your onsie twosie conversion from psd to jpg.

I'm looking for a program that does batch conversion for you... I'll come back and post it if I find one.

I found this program in the itunes store but it costs $3.99 and I can only trusts it does what the page says it does. As once again I'm not a Mac user so can't try it out smiley

Wow, Shawna!! Thanks so very much for taking the extra time to find all this out for me! I had no idea. What a great community and mod! I will definitely check out Snap Converter.

Hmmm, Shawna, I do appreciate your help on this, but it looks like Snap Converter only reads .psd files. What I was hoping to find was something that would convert .psd into .png so I could use them. Thanks for all your help. I will futz around and see what more I can come up with.

According to this here it said it converts photoshop documents. I would assume if it converts them it would convert to jpg... since that would be what most people would want to convert to.

I went to a photography website and asked how someone would convert a photoshop psd to a jpeg/jpg and this is where they sent me. And from reading the download page and screenview I uploaded it seemed to be true. ??? Maybe you could call Apple and see what the recommend for someone who uses Photoshop is to do if they need to batch convert their files to jpg ready images.

Note: The other idea may be their recommendation though as that is the page I was directed to for doing it within your existing software/programs on a Mac. But like I said, it's a one file at a time process.

Hey Joyce: I went on a further hunt and see this page on Snap Converters own website. They say it does exactly what I was told it would do and then Here's a list of all the file types that are supported. It should work. If it doesn't I'd make them give you your money back as their own website has false advertising if it isn't working for you. smiley

Just an Idea: You might be a little confused in that it says it only READS psd... but if you notice it will WRITE png and jpg. What that means is that you can't convert from png to psd. It won't WRITE psd files which I don't know of any programs myself that would do that except photoshop itself or possibly another Adobe product. BUT it will READ the psd and WRITE it as a png or jpg. smiley

Wow, Shawna! You're absolutely right! I guess my reading comprehension skills leave something to be desired. smiley I am going to download it, though it's a little late to start playing now. If it can convert .psd files to .png, then I can use some of the templates here. That would ROCK! I will let you know what happens.

Thanks so much for going above and beyond to find all this out for me. I really do appreciate it!

Just wanted to give you my batch converter that does all files extensions that I know of and I have been using this software for at least 15 years. Not the same version of course. smiley

It used to be free and in a way it still is. The name is GraphicConverter click the download at the right hand side.

You can use this program for free or pay for it. However if you use it for free there is a waiting time when the program opens that gets longer as time goes on. We're talking seconds here.

Check out the key features and you'll be amazed what this program can do. It's not just converting but digital image editing etc. It is used by Mac users for ages, professionals and amateurs. I paid for the software so I'm not quite sure if they are other restrictions than the waiting time.

The manuals and support are also outstanding.