Staying up way tooooo late???

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Staying up way tooooo late???

Does anyone else have the same problem as me? You sit down at your computer to scrap or organize, read a quick email, thinking to yourself... I'll only be on here a few minutes AND the next thing you know, It's FIVE in the morning!?!?!?!? What in the world was I thinking??? Thank God I don't have to work tomorrow... but I just might fall asleep in the loooong lines at the voting polls. smiley Maybe this is a good reason to go buy a dozen chocolate Dunkin Donuts and some French Vanilla Coffee, for the extra caffeine. smiley

smiley usually 3am is my limit these days
I smiley the peace and quiet that the night brings

I did this last saturday, due to DSD, and, guess what... did it again yesterday... Now I am at work feeling really tired...

Yep, that was me last night...up until 5am working on photos, a layout, answering emails, and sifting through a bunch of downloads from this past weekend. Nights are the only time I really get to do that kind of stuff. Kiddos keep me far too busy during the day (though I wouldn't have it any other way). smiley

YES! smiley I do this all the time smiley So much to do and so little time smiley

me too me too me too! Mostly because i'm so new that I havent a clue what I'm doing, and it takes me a long time to figure out silly things. It took me 45 minutes of youtube videos to figure out how to free transform. smiley

I'm a night owl, too - started around the time when the dr's forced me to nurse my son 24 hrs/around the clock (because they thought he was "failing to thrive"), and it really messed up my internal clock... I don't stay up until 5 am, thank goodness - maybe more like 2 am. My husband has been after me to change that... I've managed to get to bed around 1 am now (though he'd prefer 11 pm or midnight), but sometimes I have problems falling asleep... and when he starts snoring... well, let's just say at that point I get NO sleep. If you see me posting online after 2 am then I'm having one of those nights. LOL

I am so glad I am not the only one to do this. The kids are raised, so I do not have to get up at any time. I enjoy sleeping in after staying up to late.

@Lizanne: You are more like my norm (this 5am thing only happens about once every month or so)... and our hubbies must be twins by nature... LoL I get the exact same encouragement from my hubby to stop going to bed at 2am. I have a tad of insomnia myself too at times. He'd love midnight at the latest from me, too... AND... he snores too... and he's a computer guy... the more I get to know you I wonder if they're long lost twins? smiley

@Stevie: I too have that privilege of a more open schedule, and can catch up if I do stay up late. and adjust my days accordingly.

You guys are all crazy! Now I know when I see you posting or I get emails, and I think to myself, "shouldn't they be asleep?" that you should be! Haha.

While I am most definitely a morning person, Jordan is most definitely a night person. No one prepares you for this being one of marriages more difficult problems. How do you compromise on body rhythms?

@Marisa I really, really know. I am the kind of person that wakes up in a good mood as sun as I see sunshine, and feel sleppy very early in the evening. My husband likes to sleep till the middle of the morning, and design at evening. The worse part is: In the beginning, I felt kind of guilty if I woke up too early, knowing that he went to bed late, so I got the habit to sleep more, not because my body needs, but for simple lazyness... But when I´m lazy I wake up already tired, and loose the hours in which I am with more energy and in which I am more creative...

Every year when the summer starts (here its the summer, not the winter, that´s comming), I tell to myself that I will try to wake up earlier to do things that I like to do... but the lazyness always win smiley

Hmmmm, it's 2 in the morning... I might be having the same problem here... LOL! Scrapping made me a night owl too. I've been making layouts since march this year and on a 'scrapnight' I can't seem to go to bed before midnight - and way beyond that if I'm doing a layout I'm excited about (which is basically every layout). Only problem is; I do have kids... very young ones... the type that wake up at six in the morning and start rattling, singing, shouting. That reminds me - I REALLY have to go to bed now!! smiley

So glad to know I'm not alone! (group hug) The last time I recall going to bed at [what my husband considers] a reasonable hour was when we were vacationing in Maui... Just something about that place... My body automatically drifted off at 10:30 pm & woke up around 6 am. I fondly remember wandering out onto the lanai with a coffee & muffin in the morning, enjoying the tradewinds, beautiful scenery & the birds. Even better - no allergies! Felt like I was in heaven. But when we came back home my body went back into night owl mode much to my hubby's chagrin... LOL

@Shawna: Yeah, we & our hubbies do seem to have a lot in common! My guy's a computer guy, too (not sure if I mentioned it). He's an IT mgr.

I think I would turn into a pumpkin @ around 4am! We tend to stay up until around 1am or at least 12:30. Help us all when either one of us finds a job! And I am no longer a morning person! I can't get up before 7 or 8 anymore and I do have to have my morning shot of coffee before I seem human! smiley I'm tired just thinking about all the sleep all of ya'll are missing!

@Debbie: LoL... maybe you can get some good sleep for us... smiley

Hope you get some extra sleep credits somehow smiley

Do we ever really get caught up on sleep?

@Sherri: Sleep is for whimps... b'wahahaha & I'm the biggest one of them all smiley

Besides, having kids will also cause years of sleep deprivation! Now we can just put it to good use smiley The peace and quite of the middle of the night really helps with creating - no stops and starts, no one needing anything that pulls your attention away from creating. My husband is an administrator at a school so his day starts around 5am! I used to find mornings hard, but now I just stay up until I get everyone up and drive them to school then I can nap during the day for awhile. Night is also a great time run laundry through while scrapping! With 3 teenage daughters I don't have to worry about using all the hot water while they're trying to shower smiley But this only works because I can work from home.

@Elizabeth: I can relate to all your response (except the 3 teenage daughters) lol whew!!! what a bevy of female hormones raging through your house right now for a couple years... your poor hubby... smiley

I do it almost every weekend, which really screws with my sleeping schedule for the weekdays!!!

I stay up till at least 1 or 2 am most nights but I also have insomnia so there are nights that I either don't go to sleep until 5 or 6 am or I don't go to bed at all... been a couple of days recently where I stayed up all night scrapping only to discover that my Mother had come down the stairs to start her day... at fortunately I don't work... and this is probably the only instance where I would call it fortunate... but I'm disabled so I can't keep down a job... the insomnia is part of it, but it comes in handy when I'm so focused on scrapping that I miss the sun WOW... finally after years of searching I found a silver lining to being

@Christy... I can imagine the weeks being a little wonky when you stay up late Friday & Saturday.

@Sarah: I can totally relate to not noticing the sun rise especially during the part of the year when it seems to come up at 5am. smiley

@Shawna... it happens to me year round since the computer is in the basement so there are no eastern facing windows in the finished part of the basement so I don't even notice the sun rising OR setting for that matter... smiley

I didn't sleep the last 2 nights at all - not sure why. So I spent the time working on the December blog train kit. I hope I don't get rundown & sick - that usually happens when I go through a spell like this...

Living with Jordan has made me realize what a blessing being able to sleep well at the "right" time is! I never realized it before, but I sure am grateful now (if a little sleepy in the evenings).

Marisa, I don't think you ever compromise! One just finally accepts the other! smiley My Mom has been a night owl all of her life, my Dad is an early bird...and it has not changed in 51 years. My Mom recently became seriously ill, and now she wakes up even later than before! Dad is walking around twiddling his thumbs. He, he!

If you want to change your clock so that you get up in the morning as most of our society does, you need to get direct sunlight for 3 hours from 8:30am - 11:30 am and take Melatonin when you go to bed (up to 6 mg).

Good luck all!

A couple of days ago I was up til 8:30am! I was on such a roll with my scrap project, I just couldn't stop. Luckily I didn't have work or class the next day because even after sleeping til 1 I was totally shot. I generally have pretty intense insomnia, or rather my internal clock isn't synced to the mainstream schedule, but that was extreme even for me. I've been having to reign myself in all week because I just want to keep going and going on this project, and of course the daytime is taken up with all those sensible but non-scrapping other tasks of life.

I am an insomniac and I HATE it! My husband says that I am not able to shut my brain down and that is why I have such trouble in getting to sleep. The good news....I retired just over a year ago so I can go to sleep when I want and wake up when I want. The only thing that makes it difficult is that I do have a husband that is asleep in 30 seconds when he wants to go to sleep....and he snores, sometimes really loud. So now I have an IPAD with games on it so if I get to where I cannot sleep (after an hour or two of trying) I play my games for an hour and then usually can get to sleep soon after. I sympathize with all who work and have to deal with insomnia - I did it for over 37 years and it sucks. As for projects...I have had more than one all nighter! LOL!

What is it that is so magical about 8:30 a.m.?! I've been doing that exact same thing lately!!! I do have 6 or 7 severe sleep disorders, and despite intensive treatment, there will still be 2-4 nights per month (like clockwork) that this happens...sometimes it's 6:30 a.m. It drives me crazy! I wouldn't wish this problem on anyone, but it sure feels comforting to know I'm not alone! And this scrapbooking addiction isn't mine alone, either, I guess! smiley

@Janet: I have that same problem! Sometimes my brain just won't shut down. Not upset or anything, just wide awake... And my hubby is like yours, too - falls asleep when his head hits the pillow AND snores... And if I don't manage to fall asleep before he starts snoring I have little to no chance of getting any sleep. I did try foam ear plugs for a few months (the kind you wear when working with loud equipment) and they worked well, but I had to stop because I started getting eczema inside my ear canals (boy, was that painful!). Think I might have developed an allergy to latex...