January Challenge - Deadline Jan 31

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January Challenge - Deadline Jan 31

Thanks everyone for participating! I've given you 10 community points! And congrats to our random winner Diana! Be sure to stop and visit all the layouts and leave some love! Look forward to your projects for February.


Are you working on a daily/weekly/monthly project for 2013? Share you progress, advice and questions here!

Upload any layouts for January to our gallery for 10 community points and a chance to win 50 bonus download credits! To be eligible you must tag your layout with "january 2013 challenge" and don't forget to post it here!

I don't know if that counts, but I started my weight loss diary, and so far have made 3 layouts for it. But since I have 41 kg to lose (big SIGH), it will take me all year, so it's not a January project, but more of a 2013 project- don't know if this is what was asked for in this challenge...

Well, I'm working in my blog and probably in my site. I don't know if that counts too. But if counts I'lll try make some layout... smiley
Good idea for the challenge...

smiley Making a complete change to my apartment a big project for 2013 have 1 layouts so far and also a weight loss chart for this year

I'm introducing digital scrapbooking to my friends by making layout for their gift and present ideas, i hope soon I can be an entrepreneur in this field. smiley

you can heart it here ;)

@Maja: This is the place to post what you're working on in January for a year-long project. So post away!

Okay, here is my so-far-January-progress in my weight loss diary- it's not only about my weight loss, but more a book about me- I never scrapped about myself and thought my diet would be a good chance to change that. It will be an all-year-project, and the final book should be 120 pages (the maximum number allowed for the photobooks I have printed)... so I won't be able to keep up that frequency, but well, I'm uber-motivated now ;D... it's personal, but not so personal that I don't dare to post it... I have to face the facts: the weight has to come down.
Here are the 4 layouts I have finished so far:

Great! The year isn't even a week old and you've done so much! Thanks for sharing!

Here's my first week:

here's the link in my gallery

I´ve just finished my layout for the challenge!! smiley

I´ve made this layout for the January challenge. It´s about a wonderful proyect I´d like to share with you.
One of my dreams it´s to write a children´s book; and I have an idea haunting in my mind for a long time ago...
And this is the perfect moment for a start!!

Photo credit: http://www.wishingwellphotography.com/

(Love this page, visit it, it´s amazing!)

Sorry for misspelling:

- CHRISTIE... smiley
- In spanish we use two exclamation marks, at the beginning and end of the sentence ... I'm used to it smiley

My goal is to do a layout of something that happens each week this year (if I can remember to take enough pictures smiley ) Here is the 1st weeks layout for the challenge:

@Jenny: I really like your idea... about one event that happens each week. I seem to struggle soooo MUCH with the "photo-a-day" concept. smiley I think I might just "steal" it. LoL

love the colors and set up! Gives me a good idea for the cooking book I am making for my doughter in law.

Just love it

I am planning to make a book with at least one LO per week. I attend a "photo each day" -its ok to take the picture, but I do not always process the picture... So my goal is to make sort oa a diary.

My family decided to be more active this year and started things off with the Insanity program....rah! :-)

I have a project that I really want to finish...actually, never had a chance to start it. I bought this wooden album that holds 50 pages of 4" x 6" BB pages. I wanted to give it to my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary...didn't make that deadline this year. Now my Mom is seriously ill so the sense of urgency I feel is even greater. Could I create 2 brag book pages and that could count as one layout? I think this forum challenge may be the motivation I need to complete this project.

I had tons of brag book page templates, but I lost them with 1 of 2 harddrive crashes. Since I don't normally scrap 4"x6", I don't have many templates or sketches. Anyplace offhand where I can get these?

Thanks for your help!

That is a fantastic layout. Best of luck on your book. I started my first book last fall and it will be in Amazon within the next few weeks. It was a great experience. Hope yours is too. (Ugh - I was trying to reply to the lady whose goal is to write a children's book.)

My goal this year is to create something every day. I made a blog for it, but haven't thought about scrapbooking it yet. I am so far behind on scrapbooks of really great vacations that I don't want to start another one just yet smiley

I've been working on a daily art journal for my blog. My plan is to complete a page a day, telling a story and composing a single page layout to go with it. I'm on day 3 now so I'm off to make the new page.

@Cindy: That sounds fine! My goal with this challenge is to get people working on those daily kind of projects.

So many great projects happening in here! Thanks everyone for sharing.

This month I will occupy myself with making a scrapbook as a present for my boyfriend. He studied in South-Korea for a couple of months in 2008 and made a lot of pictures during his time there, but never did anything with it. Since he was reminiscing about it lately, I thought it would make a nice present. At this time I only made the front cover and the first page of the book, so there is still a lot to do.
The first page I actually made according to the scraplift challenge of this past week, but I just discovered that I was only a moment too late to submit it in order to participate in the challenge.

The front cover can be found here.

The first page for the scraplift challenge can be found here.

My project for January (and the entire year) is to actually SCRAP more! I spend more time purchasing products because they look so awesome, but I don't spend enough time to actually scrap! A big problem is, I was a paper scrapper for 10 years before I even learned digital scrapping existed, so... I am not real savvy when it comes to using PSE. I can scrap using a template, but if it has a ton of layers, I start getting frustrated. So another part of my project is to start participating in challenges, take classes, and learn more than I have ever tried to learn in the past. I hope by March I can challenge myself to make at least a handful of layouts per week...I need to wait to see what is going to be realistic for me.

So in a nutshell, my project is to learn more, use more (of my oh-hand stash), and to start an online gallery of my work and progress (as well as use my blog).

You're off to a great start! I'm sure he'll love it.

Thanks, Marisa, for letting me know!

I have made a small start by downloading a template that I feel would be suitable for project life 2013, next step is to take some suitable photos, wish me luck!!!

Another week down!

Edited to remove double entry... smiley

And for the previous week. i had already uploaded it as a 'regular' layout, until i noticed this challenge!

Week three complete

I finished another three spread layouts this week for the scrapbook I'm making as a present for my boyfriend from his time studying in South Korea. He's not a big fan of the use of many embellishments, so I had to restrain myself a little in not adding to much stuff on the pages smiley.

The first one with pictures of the campus grounds can be found here.

For the second one I made use of the Superlatives kit of Marisa and it includes pictures of his student dormitory. It can be found here.

For the third one I also made use of the Superlatives kit of Marisa and it includes pictures of the dormitory's view and some of the activities which were often conducted behind his laptop. It can be found here.


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