using a style and keep details

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using a style and keep details

I did not see this question posted before, and I hope I can explain what I am trying to say right - but - I was wondering, if you use a style on an element and all the details go away, how do you use a style and keep the details. I probably said that over and over for lack of a better way to say it.

Ok - so say I have a leaf and you can see the veins in the leaf, but when you go to put your style on it - it is just one big blob of the syle I want to use.

I don't know if that is too complicated?

Also, I have CS5


It probably depends on what style you are adding to the layer. If you're adding "color overlay" it will completely cover the layer so you can only see the I would suggest maybe "turning down" some of the styles and see if that helps.

Minor point to add to Marisa's: With many styles, you can also adjust how it's being applied to the layer - like with "color overlay", there's a drop-down menu with blending options just like on layers, so you can set it to "color" rather than "normal" if you just want the color-hue over your leaf rather than a complete fill, that kind of thing. (If you're using a style you downloaded from a website or something, they don't usually explain this, but rather than just clicking the eyeball on-and-off in your layer menu, double-click and it'll pull up a full style adjustment window for you!)

90% of what I know about Photoshop (and, really, most software lol!), I learned from just poking at things - I find that by investigating every checkbox and menu you can dig out of something, usually you find something immediately useful, along with 479302 things you'll find useful another day! smiley

A lot of this depend upon the style. Is it something you downloaded? Are you using a layer style? Did you create a layer mask first?

To take a stab at this if you are applying your own style by using the option of a layer style you have control over the end result and how the style is applied. You can create your own style.

If you are using a per style that is downloaded or came with Photoshop you still have control over the end result by fine tuning the style to fit your needs.

If you are using an overlay, Marisa covered that above for us.