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ISO: Tooth Fairy stuff

Has anyone seen any great tooth fairy or first tooth lost elements, papers, or anything? Point me in the right direction. smiley

I haven't seen any tooth fairy but i love this fairy kit smiley
In case you don't find anything else smiley

Thanks Jessica, that's pretty cute!

I found some, though no freebies! Are you ready for this? lol

1. CUTE felty elements by Kaye Winiecki

2. "Toothless Grin" full kit by Valorie Wibbens & Jenn Barrette (also at Sweet Shoppe Designs)

3. "Pearly Whites" by Gina Miller & Emily Merritt

4. "Brush 'Em" by Nibbles Skribbles -- on sale! & part of a big bundle on sale

5. "The Dentist's Chair" huge collab by Alissa Jones & Tracy Monette, has tooth fairy & just about any other tooth-related possibility!

6. "Tooth Fairy Tales " by Pattie Knox

7. Enchanted Tooth Fairy Add on by Kay Miller

8. "Tooth Fairy Dreams" by Jen Maddocks

9. "Toothy Smile" by Armina Designs & Lliella Designs (also available at Sweet Shoppe Designs)

10. "Quenotte" by Chouk77

11. Not tooth fairy, but still super cute: "Cheesy Grin" by Traci Reed & Meghan Mullens

Thanks everyone!! You guys are awesome!!

smiley smiley Super nice links,Phillippa.Some kits are new to me! Thanx

Sweet pea designs has a super cute tooth fairy kit, and 10 freebies to go with it on her blog:

smiley cute too ! thanx

that kit is soooo cute, thank you for pointing us to her blog! smiley